Charms Rebalance

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  1. 100% support. Great job ata and thank you for this needed tweak. Also the the charm interaction with the players build is perfect seeing that you cant strip charms but you can strip allies. You have outdone yourselves 10 out 10 on this one !!!!!
  3. No, that was literally the abuse they fixed with this update. Cry me a river.
  4. How was it abuse. Buying seals on Alts and sending the charms to my main was never against any rules. Devs profited while many get screwed is ok?
  5. Lol I love the numbers used as exemples. There are really players with 1T in charms ??!!? 
  6. Someone will have to prove this in court by nobs buy stales make charms = property. This change isn’t going to effect me personally. The idea is digital property. I haven’t invested any kind of money that it would bother me. But if someone has bought legally, the nobs and xstals with the intent to craft charms,and the charms that no longer function as purchased and the chain of buying nobs, xstals, to craft charms can be excepted as a purchasing transaction . Then there you have it. Digital property and then theft. It’s an interesting idea. This is a play to win game. These kind of games are exactly where digital litigation. Will become heated sooner or later especially when minors are involved. I’m not mad my just saying something that isn’t being said. That sounds way outfield but as soon as someone spends enough money on any kind of digital property that is similar to the poeperry here and it goes to court, well there you go.
  7. Yeah, that's literally charm farming and was an unintended abuse of the system set up. So woe is you. The rest of us are happy this was fixed.
  8. No, farming is using a wave of tiny accounts to get & send 1.5k tier equip over. Actually committing real time & Seals to hit higher tiers & sending over is a legitimate tactic even the devs can't deny.
  9. I guess it shows they care more abput the game then easy $$$. They will just come up with new initiatives to increase revenue without wrecking the game, which is how it should be. Those players though could just buy nobs for gold and increase build size or buy more allies.
  10. wow completely bogus wasted my time devs buying your boxes opening trading now worthless . amazing fail
  11. Winston,
    So tell me if I have his correct:
    I have 2.6/2.6/1.6/2.68b in allies for a total of 9.8b in allies x4 = 39.2 b in charms cap

    My build is 1.6/1.7/2.3m/1.15b = 4.5b x.5 so my charm cap for my build is 2.25b

    So my over all charm cap is 40.2b am I correct?
  12. You're clearly a moron aren't you. The lb are basically uncapped still and the ones buying ok the black market. I played fairly spent cash opening boxes to sell contents and what for nothing. Devs are thieves.
  13. something wrong with your examples. 200bcs for build??? isnt build complete around 4.5bcs
  14. I would keep your cap separated into specific types of attack:

    Allies: 2.6/2.6/1.6/2.68 (all billions) ---> 10.4/10.4/6.4/10.72
    Buildings: 1.6/1.7/0.0023/1.15 (billions) ---> 0.8/0.85/0.00115/0.575

    cap: 11.2/11.25/6.401/11.295

    This works out to a CS of about 40.15 but note that each slot has a cap. Also, are your building stats that low? Note that it's *building stats* and not *bonus to allies*. The average player has a building CS of over 35B with the top players around 250B.
  15. I think you are thinking of Bonus to Allies, but that's not building CS. Just multiply that number by 50 or look at Building Stats. LCBC is around 250B
  16. Good job devs I always support whatever you change with your changes. I kind feel bad for the big spenders who got screwed with this changes. Then again they should know better.
  17. Chewy I think Winston talking your power on first numbers on your profiles which regens. The right side number is the building CS and left increases while the power regens
  18. As a hansel I have to ask, is the 50% of stat cap based off my total cs or individual stats (troop att/def plus spy art/def).

    In other words my troop stats are 232k/232k (or 11.6m/11.6m raw stats) so am I limited to 116/116k (5.8m/5.8m raw stats) charm boosts on those respective aspects?
  19. Wait!! Will BFA still help hansels??? Or are we screwd?