Chaos Wars (7/14 - 7/20) + War Feedback

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jul 12, 2014.

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    So u need less than 6 sh in roster if u don't want to match sh roster
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    Pretty much yes
  3. hey kaw_comm,

    How about instead of trying to run both at once you just fix this god awful schedule and do a rotation. SuMWF indi wars, TThSa clan wars. Something like that so that people aremt isolated and stuck in one type of war. I personally would like to clan war but only available M-F. Surely there are indi war fans (lord knows why…) that want to war on weekends and cant with your schedule. Hows about mixin it up a little better?
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    Please make Epic Battles available to clans until 1 hour before individual war starts. Otherwise I love these wars and am looking forward to a lot more of them. Most of them are really close, with either clan being able to win!
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    I did the feedback, I wanted to post in it instead of clicking which I like Better. Or what was best time for me to war. All I want is a mix up between clan wars and indiv. Wars. I heard someone say this before and as much as I enjoy doing indiv wars I enjoy clan wars too
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    Also some players think indiv. Wars should have a cs cap I say you should have 1.5mill cs in order to be placed in a clan. It's hard to explain or teach somebody how to war if they can't even hit. Especially, if they are just newly created alts signing up and going inactive to ruin or to favor other clans. It's the only dislike I have off of indiv wars.
  7. I don't mind these little accounts created to just go inactive in war. These little accounts made will never affect me in war.
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    Just don't do clan wars, I stopped months ago, then Devs will have to do something. You can do individual wars while you wait for devs 
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    There is someone who agrees with given war time, or any other complaining? lol if u want to war in clan, there are 3 days, if u want indi war there are 4 days! stop crying and once in your life do what all kaw players do!
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    I like this war schedule way better
  11. @redhot

    U can get away with 8sh in 15man war
  12. @juicy

    They probs used minimal ssh and lots of sh
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    We had 4 ssh and 11 sh
  14. Oh no, other way arround 
  15. Hmm interesting
  16. Well u never know, devs r matching with eyes closed
  17. @kaw_community

    why not do 50/50, could even try 4 wars a day 2 indi 2 clan wars
  18. Honestly I love the individual wars. I like having a fair balance and more even teams. It makes me continue to play
  19. Whens season 4
  20. I'd rather people post feedback here than somewhere it can't be viewed by all.