chaos war match ups

Discussion in 'Wars' started by thegodofchaos, May 24, 2014.

  1. Hi kaw, i have been waring and i am just concerned about the unfair match ups. Are their any tips to getting a better matchup?
  2. Clans stop using your build and use actual builds instead of exploits like your piece of **** build
  3. That's a bit rough cloud, are hybrids exploiting EE aswell now?
  4. How are hybrids exploiting the system? I was a hybrid at one time.
  5. Sh gh ssh what ever you want to call these **** builds is the reason why
  6. You realize op isn't a sh? Lol..
  7. Clan complaining about getting matched with RH, don't use half to 70% SH and you wouldn't be matching them. Lulz
  8. Sh gh ssh? Someone drank a little too much last night.. :roll: