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  1. Im a pretty Barbie girl who enjoys walks on the beach with my baby boo ken.
    I want a CF from Snoopy
  2. Cf granted 
  3. Hahaha panzy

    I miss CF threads
  4. Ah yes cf threads are back all we need now is the silence notification in wc
  5. How did you let him beat you...
  6. I am disappointed yet entertained at the same time.
  7. it's been way too long sense I've seen one of these. Support Snoopy
  8. Still ain't no "I'm a fairy princess" type. Benny used to get the best/ pinky was notorious for asking for them
  9. I consider that a challenge.
  10. bruhhh
  11. leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel
  12. Woo they are back ! Support
  13. Without wearing pink tutu i hereby void this cf
  14. Haha this is great. I know what to do now on my cf
  15. Since this thread has already had a CF granted and it quite old and necrobumping, I am now
    Locking this thread.

    Made me laugh tho.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.