CF Between Osiris and Yafi.

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Os-StRaWbErRy-JAMES, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. Great war to END at this remembered date 12.12.12
    Respest to all OS it was a great wars. no heat feeling to all..cheer!!! have fun KAW..
  2. Nicely done by all, neither side would give any ground the entire war, true warriors!

    As long as this war was it's especially impressive to note how many fighters from both clans weren't even members when the war originally started, but still fought with as much tenacity as anyone else! Big up to all members of both clans!
  3. Ty for the Great War guys n gals! Y'all are the most resilient bunch I've fought! Perhaps we could fight on the same side one day? Haha.Cheers all and enjoy life!
  4. Congrats to both on a well fought war. No one wins a war that long.
  5. Today is 12/12/2012 I'm so happy we are still a live and still Kawing. Happy Kawing Everyone.
  6. I guess Ya___OsAAHwillripin2012___fI has to change his name now glad to se the cf
    Good luck in the future for both clans
  7. A long intense bloody war with many casualties on both sides. Respect to Osiris for a war well fought. And much respect to my clanmates who fight as one and never ran away from a fight. Cheers to all kawers!! However our war is not over yet, simply numbers are more even now 
  8. Yafi and AAH I'm assuming.
  9.  just  so much brown nosing 
    Full support Yafi

    Pure Evil
  10. Wow... jus a few weeks ago when i was at Osirirs... you guys were so full of.. hope.
  11. Respect to Os in this long and hard fought war. Many of you have me more inc than any other clan  sorry I didn't get to trade more hits with you guys as I was trying to get aah to hit back lol. Best of luck to you guys in the future 

  12. Much respect to Osiris for the war.

    No ill feelings for any trash talk :)
  13. Not on as much any more but respect to Yafi for being seriously tough, stubborn, resilient and great warriors. Whilst involved I enjoyed the battles and banter on forums. Good luck guys and thanks for a few lessons ! 
  14. Respect and Congrats to both sides for fighting a long, intense war 
  15. To a legendary osw and to the great respectful warriors on both sides... Much respect and thank you for a great challenge 
  16. Glad you guys sorted this out.
  17.  ya ok dragon 
  18. Wow!

    Mass respect to both sides. Best of luck in your future endeavors.
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