CF and why one should never do such a thing

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  1. CF and why one should never do such a thing

    CFing isn't as common as of late but I have noticed a few threads surrounding CF.

    Although replies to threads are typically serious, comedic elements are typically brought to light or harsh tones will also be present.

    It's these points I want to address.

    What is CFing?
    A ceasefire, where you request those who are "attacking" or "hitting" you to suspend their onslaught.

    Essentially, CFing is typically done on a wall, pm (rare) or on forums (somewhat more common)

    What does CFing do? (For you, for your enemies)
    Essentially CFing humiliates and undermines you, while highlighting your enemies victory.

    Now Why is CFing a bad idea?
    Because CFing shows you lack backbone, that you crumble under pressure. Posting a CF is essentially letting all know you are a doormat.

    Ofc if you don't CF, you don't own up to mistakes you made in the past that caused you to get hit in the first place.

    Basically, you don't want to see yourself get into a position where you must make a decision to CF.

    Quite difficult if you play heavily.

    Don't take the game seriously

    Thanks for reading and good day.
  2. A conundrum to be sure.
  3. If you dont want to fight anymore why let your pride bring you unhappiness? Just do stuff who cares
  4. Kasama won't give me a cf thread, he likes it when I hit him. He can't get enough of my ass.
  5. ^Harder, papi?
  6. CF granted, happy kawing
  7. CF granted just make sure you don’t do it again kas
  8. This picture pretty much sums it out if you have questions of what a CF thread means to us, the crowd in the background is us, and the nun with the bell is also us.

  9. Shut up Kathama you've been PS for couple years now to avoid farming lol about as bad as requesting CF (might be worse) 
  10. This is untrue
  11. I've been pure spy because I'm been inactive and to be fair I was active a few weeks ago >.>
  12. CF from this thread please
  13. Pretty sure this thread is just a cease fire.
  14. Todd, I love you, but I'll give you a wedgie for messing with my Kas.
  15. lol tell him to put up a stable or something 
  16. you cf to me every night noob
  17. If you feel the need to cf in forums this app isn’t for you
  18. Perhaps I’m just sentimental, but I still love a good CF thread.
  19. CF not granted
  20. CF threads are stupid.

    It makes 2 people look like bully and nerd.

    The bully knows how to make the rest of the year stressful, all the nerd wants to do is have fun and make friends.

    The bully just can’t seem to get it in their head to leave them alone, so they corner the nerd.

    Now, here is the conundrum, the nerd truthfully would love to fight his way out of the corner, but also knows it will be a long drawn out stressful adventure to have peace for the rest of the year.
    The nerd decides to apologize for whatever the Bully is crying about.

    You see, the Bully is the ignorant one, they are the only one that cant move on with life and improve themselves.
    That Bully could have used time wisely and gained knowledge but now is just a crumb under the nerds shoe.