Can You Guess The Cheater?

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Lormaster, Sep 1, 2015.

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  1. This is painful. I feel a bit of that pain. I mean, I had an inactive PS on my side a few wars ago. We barely won by 200m thanks to the efforts of chucky and wadi as well as a great, dedicated team of fast warriors re-pinning ups in window immediately. We struggled for the win we knew we deserved. It was tense at the end because the other side had begun to realize there was an open PS who left allies out and were unloading their troops on him to avoid being plundered. Oh, it sure as hell was painful to fight but we grabbed ahold of the easy win we knew we deserved.

    Now in this case, you have a whole bunch of PS alts being orchestrated by a single, active person all at the same time. That's impossible. You've lost your east win; now you as well as your teammates really have to grind it out and keep the other team from taking advantage and you feel like that's unfair.

    Well, stop whining. Don't let them plunder an open PS, re-pin them immediately and spam opp cr, report ups immediately.

    It's almost your fault for giving up and watching the other team's plunder go up while doing nothing at all.
  3. Mustan openly admitted in cc prewar that he was warring alts and "promised" he wasnt going to open them. So even before war started hes breaking tou and then stripping on top because hes a butthurt baby who cant stand losing fairly so he needs to strip his alt so he can win. Disgraceful
  4. Ata feels this is fair
    End of story

    Can we drop it yet?
  5. Are you insane? With 10 minutes left they crystaled on an OSF. You can't pin your own players so there is nothing that can be done. They had over 250 hits within the 5 minute update. Once upon a time we could pin a leak, but the devs changed the mechanics to prevent that for some reason. Anyway, I hope that the devs ban his two pure spy accounts. A little resetting would be a deterrent to others in my humble opinion.
  6. Yup. At that point, it's your teammates' fault for xtalling too early.

    Account for the OSF in your war strategy next time.
  8. Pineapple you apparently have no clue what the hell your talking about. This isn't sh rosters you can't magically pin entire roster.
  9. Omg email support quick or they won't believe you and will think it's fabricated nonsense to get out of a war loss.

    Support can be so unsympathethic...

    Get evidence for this, get evidence for that, yes, I understand the need for evidence, but at this point, the evidence is so blatantly clear as musang openly admitted in the SYSTEM indi war-sponsored PUBLIC clan chat that he was warring alts according to PrincessBabyChaz
  10. Of course you can't magically pin an entire roster! You have to account for your teammates who are still knocked out.
  11. I'm already talking to the dev team. Warring more than one account at the same time is prohibited.

    I won't post what's been sent back to me yet cause it's not for public view my talks with them, at least of now.

    I have received a response with evidence targeted spot on.

    I will continue my talks with them and my clan mates that were done wrong by a weak player.

    The season's end is upon us and it's truly pathetic and disgusting that people purposely destroy not just the war game itself, but the goals of others trying to compete fairly.

    It's players like this that always bring problems to the war system, cause apparently warring fair they have no chance to win so they go beyond the norm for their own self centered selfish wants or needs.

    All I can say is if you can't war fairly in a good sportsman like conduct, stick to eb's, or delete the game from your life

    ~ TG
  12. Thank you! Even though it's not a mod saying that (ahem.. Mods? Where are yaaaaa), I got lost in ToU.

    Awesome sauce! Now we will soon know... I added that guy musong to my block list; I wonder what the devs have in store for him. Maybe he got sick of osw and decided to break the rules and get banned to finally quit this game.
  13. No I'm not a mod pineapple, remember I resigned from mod several months ago and that don't mean I'm still not going to stand up for the players. Those that do actually know me do know that
  14. Its actually a strategic move in my opinion, this is a war game, and all is fair in war
  15. Blatant cheating is never "fair" just obnoxious and sad imo
  16. Seriously? Warring two accts at the same time you believe what you just said?  did you not read warring 2 accounts same time is prohibited? But that's all fair? Buddy read everything first before responding.
  17. I'm fairly cetain the players you are talking about are friends in the same clan.

    Meaning, they just letting their buddy (and his entire EE clan) earn some extra coin lol

    Word on the street is, this is not the first war this player / spy combo has opened like this.

  18. Shady Marine,
    That could be possibly so in some circumstances I do agree, although from what I've received from the dev team already marks that off the list already.
  19. Would like to see the ability to plug own leaks brought back, why was it changed? (Newish to ee). Would at least make it more feasible to win with inactives. Still detrimental but not as bad.
  20. No less than 2 shady he pulled same deal yesterday.... same turnout 15b up to 70?b down last 10 minutes that war he had idd and smiley alt in. 6 medals and 1 xtal lost not counting the max mith on first war. I think it's sad tbh and the reason we are stuck with damn indi wars too many are always looking for the next exploit /cheat instead of being a man about it.
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