Calculating C.S.

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  1. I've just returned from a long break, and been really active. I'm think about what sort of clan to join, but I notice that C.S.s are necessary. What are they, and how do I calculate mine?
  2. Your CS=Combined Stats. Look at your profile, you will see your "Bonus to Allies". Add up the 4 categories (Attack, Defense, Spy attack, Spy Defense) and that is your Combined Stats. Hope this helps :)
  3. it'd be nice if our profiles showed our total cs so we wouldn't have to add them up
  4. :lol: very much agreed
  5. Would be gr8 if devs gave free bc
  6. :lol: very much agreed
  7. You find it too challenging? 
    or did u run out of fingers n toes?
  8. :|
  9. What is my combined stats? Anyone?
  10. 23m
  11. Thank you, I never knew
  12. Q: What is a CS?

  13. Combined stats
  14. DAmn tysm I definitely didn't know that ;)
  15. And knowing us half the battle

  16. I have question regarding my profile stats . My buildings are 108 done low land , highland, hoarfrost are 100% upgraded . Abyss is with 21 lands discovered all buildings upgraded to level 6 and Osmon Rai with 13 lands explored all buildings with level 3 /4 So I have total att. bonus 27 224 694
    defense bonus: 22 110 664

    Spy att. bonus : 9 291 460
    Spy def. bonus:9 291 460
    Max plunder bonus: 58 380. 759 145.
    Battles won : 282 880

    So why I have still low stats that another players that who have only 100 000 battles and have more 35 000 000 att. Stats
    And Spy with 20 000 000 stats

    Please help to upgrade my stats .
  17. You have more lands explored than me
  18. You have more lands explored than me, if you want higher stats u need to stop buying land and start upgrading your buildings you have on abyss/OR to level 10 and maybe level 8 on OR
  19. Help me too :)