Bye bye wars

Discussion in 'Wars' started by xXD3mOnXx, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. "War never ends" some wise man i forgot who it was once said.
    "Thinking" apes proved him wrong!
    Congratulations, you have successfully made woc uncastable and created a very useless war schedule (empty) at the end of a war event. Rip those at rank 11,51,101,501 i dont feel you. Ty
  2. All I know is this is some BS I need to fix it fix it now don't they understand what war means to us anything about no damn event items they just need to fix it ASAP pronto on delay
  3. Support. Why put out a schedule if your not going to abide by it!!

  4. Maybe they want us to stop warring? Maybe their true intentions are to diminish EE wars so this game will be infested with fairy fun fun fun...

    Maybe, they are pushing ee warriors out of the game...
  5. This is an extremely rare occurance, Ata is usually on top of this but everyone makes mistakes.

    Wars will be here tomorrow, next week, next year etc. And this tread will be long forgotten and graveyarded.

    I'll give you an E for Effort though


  6. Party pooper -_-
  7. Spoken like a true eb fairy licking ata buti
  8. Lol I'm wondering at what rank you are, Do you even know the gap betweeen rank 10-11, 50-51,100-101,500-501? It's a game a few war's off wouldn't make any sensible change.
  9. Im rank 31 y does that matter, id hate being at 11,51,101 and then have the chance of getting to the next tier taken away by stupidity on devs side
  10. Rank 19 here secured in top 50 IDC tbh just gimme my rewards
  11. Oh and demon beat 14 koes in one war as PS
  12. eZ i get 82 koes as a pure att blindfolded
  13. What about those just wishing to renew their EE , there maybe a few going from Gold edge to nothing because of this! :eek:
  14. Can you guys chill tf out. ATA is trying to make improvements to the game as a whole. Stop crying cus you didn't get top rewards for 1 event
  15. I got top rewards lmao i want my wars not the rewards
  16. I'm rank 102, theyll need to compensate for something ?
  17. I'm right behind u 
  18. Flame I was 104 2 days ago right behind you! I'm 71 now 

    Sleep is for the weak they say!
  19. I need renew my EE devs