Butthurt has become official

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  1. It's official ... butthurt has been recognized as legitimate word in the English language! As of this week, the Oxford Dictionary has added 23 new words among which is the word "butthurt" (along with awesomesauce, bants, beer o'clock, blockchain, brain fart, Brexit, bruh, buttdial, cakeage, cat cafe, fast-casual, fatberg, fat-shame, Grexit, hangry, MacGyver, manspreading, mic drop, Mx, Rage-quit, skippable, wine o'clock)

    Butthurt, adjective: (U.S. informal) overly or unjustifiably offended or resentful.

    So in honor of this momentous occasion, let's take a walk down memory lane as we celebrate the life of something that is alive and well in our KAWmunity ... our favorite adjective ... the one ... the only ...


    Let's hear your favorite stories and examples of butthurt! Maybe it's from an old OSW, maybe it's your own personal example from when you were a noob, maybe it's from a reset bomb (or maybe it's about NOT being able to reset bomb now ... oooo too soon you say? ... then let's hear about it) ... whatever it is, let's pay homage to our friend!

  2. Thank god. I have so many butthurt haters. Now they have a room in my language. 
  3. Dis one time i called someone an buttface an dey called the coppurz n i got shoterino-ed :/
  4. No one says 'beer o'clock'

    People say it's 'beer thirty'
  5. Yeah I've heard both but for some reason they chose this one to add ... Now, back to butthurt ;)
  6. Dis one time a guy made a thread about new words added and got butthurt about beer o'clock being added and not beer thirty :^)
  7.  now we are back on track!
  8. Of course you sense butthurt, I'm here!
    Also, I was always official
  9. Bahahahaha YES! It wouldn't be a butthurt celebration without you here
  10. I fear for the future of this world
  11. plenty of butthurt on my wall :D
  12. Woo! America is getting dumber!

    For only $19.99 you can an official slang word! But wait, if you call now, we'll add MORE slang words to the Oxford Dictionary.

  13. I'd say it was official once KaW was created 
  14. salty seems to be the new butthurt
  15. Im glad i can now have an official resource to use if i ever forget what "butthurt" means..
  16. Probably regional. No one around you says "beer o'clock" but other places do.
  17. Agreed Frog ... most people here say "bar o'clock" to mean both drinking time and time to go to the bar.
  18. I'm almost frightened to look up the meaning of manspreading
  19. Jinx, it's when a person sits with their legs so far apart that they encroach upon other people's space next to them in public (like on a train or at a movie theater, etc)