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    Pet 3B // per 9 slot mat 510m
    Throne- 700-800m // per 9 slot mat 125m
    Weapon- 400-500m // per 9 slot mat 75m
    Armor- 250m // per 9 slot mat 41.6m
    Chandi- 150m // per 9 slot mat 25m
    BL/Pillar/Dias- 120m // per 9 slot mat 20m
    TL/ML/PF/Rug- 105m // per 9 slot mat 17.5m
    Sides- 100m // per 9 slot mat 16.6m
    WFB- 90m

    Pets 175b + base value
    Thrones 34.3b-39.8b + base value
    Weapons 22.88b-25.73b + base value
    Armors 14.27b + base value
    Chandelier 8.575b + base value
    BL/Pillar/Dias 6.86b + base value
    TL/ML/PF/Rug ~6b + base value
    Sides ~5.69b + base value

    Haters are gonna hate but this is accurate pricing regardless of what the market says. Yes I’m aware the mats aren’t calculated in these prices I based everything off what the lv20 pet pricing is an that doesn’t factor the 40k mats used to make it that level so why should it be different for any other slots?! When you dismantle a leveled item you only get base level 1 mats back but full slot mat return; Therefore, anything above level one is just upgrade costs which is 1/6th the value of dismantle price

    COLORED MATS 2-2.3b/1k

    Large x 2.5-3b
    Clusters 8-9b
    Prismatics 25-30b
    Corax chests 175m keys 25m
    Gobblyn palace chests 60-80m
    War chests 30/60/90
    Luna solius shards 3-8m each LIMITED TIME
    TOP 10 charms 2-4b

    Black Friday 2018 pets 6-9b thrones 5-8b weapons 3x

    Box pet price guide list 6/19/24//if it’s not on the list it’s dismantle @3b max or it’s a special pet and those are coming…

    Moonmorrow 2-3x

    Rosie the chimera cub 1.5-2x

    Giant rat test subject 1.5-2x

    Kaida firewing 1.5-2x

    Black cat 3-4x

    Phantom rimehawk 2x

    Vigonian Bella fish 3-4x

    Silva unicorn 2-3x

    Blood golem 5-6x

    Unkindness of grudge ravens 3x

    Holy owl of hyndemara 4-5x

    Majara’s seadragon 2-3x

    Dullahan’s steed 3-4x

    Pitchwraith 20b+

    Water elemental 2-3x

    Cauness mountain goat 2x

    Pair of black fellits 2-3x

    War mongrel 2-3x

    White galdurwolf 2-3x

    Kalmasnaga viper 2-3x

    Dreadraven 2-3x

    Holy stag of geal bheanna 4x

    Verdant fae unicorn 2x

    Koti boar 2-3x

    Darkmarrow serpent 2-3x

    Terra Peryton 2x

    venomous tesselfang 2x

    Lycoanite adeptus 3x

    Mock peryton 2x

    Lamphook the soulreaper 4-5x

    Blackcrown wyrmling 4-5x prima chest exclusive

    Celestial hart 3x+

    Infernal stallion 2.5-3x

    Thaumadrake wyrmling 2.5-3x

    Glacier hawk 2x

    Steed of ithioch 2x

    Dustbelly serpent 1.5x

    Dawncharger stallion 2x

    St. Feran hound 2-3x

    Battleox terrier 6-7x

    Spectral wolf 1.5x

    Captured coraxian 1.5x

    Reoddragoun 3x

    Armored battle goat 2-3x

    Emperor cockatrice 2x

    Sacred nimbus tiger 2x

    Ravager dragonling 2x

    Ighir siege dragonling 1.5x

    Skullback 1.5x

    Umbral glimserpent 3-4x

    Bird of false splendor 1.5x

    Snowcrusher moose 1.5x

    Captain whiskers 1.5-2x

    Somniwulf 5-6x

    Great enneatou 2x

    Granite golem 1.5x

    Shadowhoof stallion 2-3x

    crowned jackblossom 2-3x

    Halloch Rex cat 2x

    Undine servant 2-3x

    The schnapphorn 1.5-2x

    Great realmwatcher owl 2-3x

    Urbranan armored warlion 30b+

    Vigonian molossus 4x+

    Sidiyanese white tiger 2-3x

    Pira siege dragon hatchling 3x

    Copperheart 1.5-2x

    Chessair macaw 2-3x

    Koda 1.5-2x

    White dabroan horse 2x

    Hunting hound 3x

    Snowblossom 5x

    Gold aeon dragon wyrmling 10x

    Brullo the honeybear 2x

    Harpia fury 2-3x

    Special thanks to these guys for helping me build this guide!





    seals for nk ~500m-1b max
    Chimes for htr ~ 1.5b-2b max

    Due to the web store packs for slot mats prices have tanked significantly.
    Don’t overcharge, don’t be a scammer. Fight the inflation!
    Ask for a link to always have prices a click away 🐰

    I will update this as I get more information the clan page on Bunnys Sanctuary is character limit locked so to be able to fit everything will be putting everything else on here!
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