BulletinBoard -- Ingame Advertising System - Take a look!!

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by dasoid, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. ---- BulletinBoard ----

    Inspired by the bullitin boards the mercs are using, this
    board system was created. Its purpose is to facilitate the
    advertising of running EBs, Clans and much more.

    How to use:
    Each member represent a specific topic, for example an EB.
    There you can post your ad or your search request for it.

    -No Worldchat restriction
    -ad's dont expire like in the WC
    -easy access to specific topics
    -no speakers needed

    Currently running a reduced board index, more Ebs can be added.

    Your help is needed to get this board running. Tell people about it
    and use it. Hope you like it and enjoy it!

    Created and maintained by dasoid

    Opinions, improvements and a maybe more comprehensive description welcomed :D

    Current Board Index:

    -T2 61
    -T4 51
  2. This thing is actually running already. Maybe it was not clearly eplained by me.

    Any more takes on it?
  3. Um, still a Lil confused. Can you give me an example. For b2b hte for instance? I guess people wanna hang onto the excitement of dropping ads in WC...
  4. Great idea oid, support.
  5. Should u have a seal and you are looking for a hte clan, you can drop a message on the hte wall, and you may get invited (unlikely, cuz it must be frequented regulary)

    Hte clans drop their ad there and you can pick a clan you would like to join.

    This whole thing is about dropping ads there.
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  7. I don't think there should be more help to locate a EB peeps are just lazy asses.
  8. I support this idea because I'd farm people on that wall.
  9. Or.....
    You know you can use a feature KaW implemented a long time ago!
    There is a page, where you can view running EB's.
    No need for ads or asking for EBs, just take 60 seconds to scroll though that page, you'll find the EB you want.