build plunder clarify

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  1. Just wanted to clarify an argument a clannie and i were having... If go full cf, will plunder be better or worse than if went some titan some cf? For example... 20 cf vs 15 cf and 5 titan? Answers on this are much appreciated
  2. Devesive buildings give 5% more plunder if I remember correctly..
  3. Defensive**

  4. Right, but does overall increase in atk making hit harder give more bonus vs say, an eb? Or titan cf mixture?
  5. CoE - you'll make the most in unload due to the 2 extra hits
    Cf - you'll make the most actual attack plunder, not ally bonus
    Tl - you'll make the most ally bonus but less actual attack plunder than Cf
  6. Overall if you had 3 different people with each person 49 of each different t4 there will be very little overall plunder difference.
  7. The harder hitting CF will not yield a larger portion of plunder; no.

    Just the Titan will, and not be behind much in attack.
  8. CF makes more per hit than COE, due to T4 plunder cap,