build idea #3

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by fluffles, Dec 30, 2011.

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  1. 10 Cursed foundries lvl 3
    39 SoS lvl 3
    1 castle lvl 2
    :) I had this idea months ago but I just had the idea now to post it :), gjsmo is currently somewhat working on that build
  2. Damn combo breaker
  3. I would never use that build but whatever floats your boat dude
  4. ^ GREAT plunder
  5. LoL I'll tell you floats my boat... The particles of the material of the boat being less dense then water that's what floats my boat
  6. ^mine runs on magic 
  7. Magic?! That's so awesome you gotta make me a boat please :cool:
  8. Guys come on be mature
  9. Mature what in the world of horse shoes is that?
  10. U need the extra 2 hits lmao
  11. Hmm... Anybody remember the best build was all Subs with 2-4 forges? Lol
  12. 1castle
    8 SOS
    4 Disney castles
    7 CF
    Rest COE

    I like that. A good OSW build but bad for system war. Ok for EBs.
  13. I'm the op's father!!!
  14. Build idea #3?

    Here's an idea, find your combat style, and build from there. Don't use random ****
  15. Oh yea the best build for spies is 49 spies SSSSHHHHH
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.