Build Advice?

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  1. Build Advice?

    I'm going to make it real short. Hello KaWmunity, I recently explored all 25 lands. I was wondering what to do next. Money is not a problem, I'm in a B2B HTE Clan.

    I have 12 LVL 3 Guilds & 8 Subterranean Factories that are LVL 3 also. Should I sell all my lands & use the money to move in T4?

    I'm a bit rusty, thanks for your assistance in advance.
  2. Start opening lands. That's what I did. I'm no expert though
  3. My advice is to get out of the HTE clans and do EBs that test your kingdoms' build.

    Guilds are ok, but they are not SOS strength. And forges are nowhere near the strength of foundaries.

    My suggestion would be to begin opening Highlands, focusing strictly on opening enough to jump to HF for building token use. But you'll need to upgrade your other buildings to do this.

    The game was not meant to stay in HTEs forever. HTE doesnt test your kingdom or clan strength.
  4. I don't think you have those buildings :oops:

    Ok I see your rebuilding lol
  5. Don't use a ps build spending your Money in a hte clan! Build a stable and Max plunder your allies.... upgrade your guilds to sos's.... open highlands and build volarys....
  6. Don't do a stupid chair build like you do in pimd where you're undoubtedly from.. Go hansel
  7. Get out of hte clan? Lol

    Stay there and build some tier 4 crap
  8. I agree with Larry. Stay in hte and do t4. It'll help in the long run. Bc if you don't, you'll get stuck on hl and feel like you've been on ll forever.... And to all those saying ps isn't a good build, I believe it is.  we make excellent plunder and some us out plunder attack builds in our range.
  9. Kid talks **** in forums for first few posts then asks for advice. I love kaw forums
  10. You're talking about hansel...Not pure spy
  11. Idk. I make more as a ps then I did as a hansel. 
  12. You ain't a pure spy atm. Drop to ps and see how much you make
  13. Choose your build according to your playing style, will eb be your focus EE etc. then give it some thought then use hte to upgrade Max an unlock all you can while buying loads of pots an repeat
  14. A real man never asks for advice. He tells his woman to shut up and he will find the destination.
  15. Technically, I'm a ps1. Which is still a ps. :roll:
  16. Wow....
  17. Pure stupidity 1 !
  18. Tecnically you are a ps1. Which is a hansel

    Works wonders
  20. Wasn't explained to me like that. .-. And I don't consider ps1 a hansel. Anything between 25% att and 75% spy, to 25% spy, and 75% att. :| so, I'm sorry if you don't find it that way, but I do.