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  1. iPhone 6S: 9.1.2
    Kaw: Latests

    Bug: KaW

    UI is 6 years old..could use audio and visual update? Just a suggestion
  2. Support
  3. iPad Air
    Kaw. Latest

    Have had these same issues for some time devs never respond to feedback about these
  4. Hello minpin, have you checked to see if you have the latest version of kingdoms at war? The server and app should be up to date and that issue should be fixed, also iOS 9.3 is out so please update if possible.

    If you are still having issues please uninstall and reinstall, note: make sure the account is linked with either ata or Facebook before uninstalling, when you reinstall once again and test, if you have any follow up issues please email the developers at support@athinkingape.com and provide your username and details what's been going on, thank you for the report.
  5. iPhone 4S
    Kaw: latest

    I notice my wc doesn't update nonstop after I post. Takes about 2 minutes to start sending messages. But if I close the app and reopen it I can see messages updated nonstop, until I post.
  6. Have any other bugs been fixed, Eagle? :roll:

  7. This regularly happens to me on a bad or slow WiFI, but only on start up. This seems to on effect IOS as I have never seen on Kindle or 'Driods. It happens when initial login or attachment to server is ok but throughput on IP channel drops or stops. Has happened for years.

    Completely closing app and restarting once or twice usually corrects issue.
  8. [title2]Bug Report[/title2]
    The Beginning
    So, a few months back, while I had my iPhone 4S, I had a bug on my account, that you probably won't believe, but I have proof, I had access to the moderator tools. Now, immediately after seeing this, I contacted a couple mods and emailed devs, the devs did their stuff, and I reinstalled KaW after uninstalling, to refresh app files.
    That was the end of that.
    The Return
    Now, on a Non-Rooted Android Tablet, the glitch has returned!
    But it's not going away this time.
    I have no idea why, maybe the game wants me to become a mod?
    I say the debs should make me a mod, if their game wants me to be a mod so bad! :lol:
    Known Things
    Can See Mod Tools, But Cannot Actually Use Them.
    Nothing Else At This Time.
    Proof/Fun Pictures
    Now, since I told Hero about it the first time, I told him and a few others about the return in a 3rd Party Group Chat.
    How I did this you may be or probably are not asking is.....
    Trying to silence Hero!
    (I already knew the outcome, and so did hero, which was It would give me an error).
    Picture 1 -Hero1:

    Picture 2 -Hero2:

    Picture 3 -Hero3:

    That wraps up that, but a few days prior, I took this SS of WC, for proof of flags beside player names in WC for silencing tools.
    Picture 4 -WC1:

    Well, that's all I have on this glitch as of March 22, 2016.
  9. ^bump to top^
    Glitch posted
    So it gets noticed faster
  10. Big threads take forever to load and ssometimes wont load at all... Even when on wifi with full bars. Just started recently
  11. iPhone 6

    My troops never deplete. Basically I could attack forever
  12. So why are you not BC?
  13. When buying pots on android it takes over a min for the pot to load and doesnt even show youve bought them untill you restart kaw.
  14. Hello crazy, with new reports comes in, they will always help the developers out.
  15. I have a bug of when I hit HTE it doesnt give me the 300 trillion that everyone else makes per hit.
  16. Lol I have same damn problem
  17. Still having the same problems again today, nothing seems to be "fixed".
  18. Sometimes it can be caused by the download speed your internet provider gives, try switching to either to 3G or Wifi to test, the speed connection for kaw is up to date.

    If you are connected to a modem please turn it off at the power point and unplug it, plug it back in and tie it again again, wait 30 seconds to 1 minute for it to be fully restarted, if you experience any follow up issues please contact us.
  19. Some of the issues will be re-looked at to make sure they are gone, for the time being please follow the simple instructions.

    Make sure you have the latest version of either phone you have, make sure to have the latest version of kingdoms at war, if you are please make sure the main account is linked with ATA/FB where you can find in settings, uninstall and reinstall, you shouldn't able to need to re-login once again if so please login, that should fix most issues.

    Reminder: an update has been done we are just waiting for Apple/android to approve of it and it should be mainly for the bug fixes and connection activity etc, so please bare with us thanks.:)
  20. Thanks eagle :)