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Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by influencial, Mar 16, 2019.

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  1. I just did my first war since new lands came out and I was horrified by how badly the pc browser version of kaw has become unplayable.

    My troop and spy bars do not reflect my actual levels. I don’t know if I’m in glitch or not, at full or half power. How am I supposed to know when to dive or how much I need to regen if I don’t know where I’m at?

    All aspects of the game that are unlocked by lands or castle are inaccessible. You can’t buy or sell bars to bank, you can’t access mage or the alchemist to mith up.

    PLEASE return basic functionality to the browser version, at least to the point where it’s playable.
  2. I am on PC right now and I can do everything you have listed. The issue I am having is that after unlocking the new lands, I cannot access ANY lands and like you said troops/spies now do not reflect levels since unlocking the new lands.

    EDIT: My ally cost and stats do not show. I have contacted support and they told me they would look into it and recommended me to use an emulator.
  3. Devs really are 200iq. They make pc version unplayable so no one uses it effectively killing it off. What a big brain play
  4. It's a sad day honestly. I used to play the PC version mainly and used it for war a lot. Ever since legends pc has been left behind and I do miss it. The thing is I understand why it has been left behind but I don't like it. People don't play browser games on pc much anymore and the biggest market for kaw right now will be android and iOS. I loved being able to have kaw in the background while working but obviously that's no longer super feasible.

    Maintaining pc is a lot of work that can be spent elsewhere for such a limited player base of pc users. The majority only used it temporarily for war and a lot of people still use device for war. It's easy to understand why and yet it still sucks.

    I'll see if I can get a Dev to post on here to give their view of it as I'm sure they will have a better understanding of why it is such a mess.
  5. I understand that the pc version is being depreciated and the reasons for that. I’m not asking that the devs implement every new feature on a browser version. I’m just asking that they make the pc version minimally playable and functional.

    Up to this point, that had been the case. Now, basic aspects of the game like access to alchemist, buildings, mage, pots, seeing your troop and spy levels have been effectively nixed.

    I’m just asking that those be returned.
  6. Support.

    Love playing kaw on browser as it is well set out and looks better than device version in my opinion. I have the same issues in war that the OP has specified and I don’t think it would take much to return it to a useable platform as it was before the last update.
  7. Careful you guys are cruisin for the "Devs have better things to do" argument....
  8. I am against PC use, I think if its a device only game there is a level playing field. I did not mind waring with pc before but as opp said somethings are not very accurate. I also struggled last few pc wars.

    Sooner pc platform becomes rip the better imo.
  9. lol yeah good luck
  10. I kaw on pc mostly and this just annoys me. Funniest thing is, fixing these issues would take a day at most for an average programmer. I guess devs can't even afford that
  11. I play primarily on PC also, and I have the same problem - but only on the account that has buildings on the new lands. I've postponed building on new lands on other accounts, hoping the devs will address this issue. I didn't mind logging on device a couple of times a day to accept & complete legends, but as op said, KaW is now almost unplayable on PC.

    This may be the final straw that frees me from KaW completely.
  12. Yes that’s the thing too. This isn’t the first time that new lands have been released. There is a precedent of 5 other lands that were implemented into the browser version.

    I took one programming class in uni and held a few summer jobs when I was younger that required some light coding. Even I know that there should be written a recipe of steps to take to update the browser version.

    I don’t necessarily blame the devs for introducing new lands without the browser update already in place, but it should be on the list of things to do, and fairly high up the priority list.
  13. And sorted....thx devs.
  14. :)
  15. Thank you Winston!
  16. Thank you very much Winston
  17. Thank you for sorting!

  18. My point is that PC players are more than IPhone/Android players, I’ve said this every time beecauaw the MMOrg Comunity is huge, I used to play PC base tap tap mafia games... and they gave out huge money prizes , a lot of people spend money with their computer playing games. It’s just ATA not making it right because they fail launching successful games, they need to go back in to their gaming roots, PC player Based has a huge Fan Based.. people get more on their phones cause they go from one App to another.. they are killing the clan loyalty and community by making event after event milking our time, money and souls... but the real stuff is with people behind an actual computer, sure being on the phone is great while I am on the go... but trust me I am old fashion like many gamers with $$$ out there that play all this games in their computers “cloud” hope ATA Can recover their great inspiration on game design and make KAw a hell game to bring more people in... and stop the Event va Event killing the actual fan base or Lands... what if they launch a classic KAW? Would you play and spend your money on that?
  19. I wish there was a classic KAw 
  20. Bring KaW to steam! Lol
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