Bought a Car

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  1. bought the 2015 ferrari like a boss ️
  2. You are the dumbest person I know OP,
  3. I've heard that some of the cheaper American cars are developing to the point past where they break down right after you are finished paying your lease.
  4. Use karosine instead of gasoline. Works a lot better, especially for newer cars
  5. Make sure you take the summer air out of your tires and fill them with winter air too. Wouldn't want them to explode.
  6. Explode lol funny thing is "winter air" filled tires might have a tiny chance of exploding in the summer  never the other way around air is more dense in winter so Air pressure in the tires do down
  7. Car debt is one of the worst debts you can take on
  8. That's why corsair chooses his trusty steed for transportation purposes...


  9. So you'll spend 25k on it now and when you drive out it will cost 20k you probably don't have a stable job so that money could go somewhere else. Should of got a used car until a stable job
  11. Nice stunt pegs
  12. @zeth

    Soz, MAURICE is nfs.

    Meaning not for sale and/or need for speed.

    You couldn't handle this speed demon, zeth.
  13. Then I'm going to have to break into a place and steal some... Stuff.
  14. not only is this text really tiny it's also in the wrost color!
  15. Sounds nice, do you still have it ?