Black Hand vs. Clan A Family

Discussion in 'Wars' started by *Abc123DoRayMe (01), Mar 12, 2015.

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  1. Skinny and me will be friends long after your joke of a clan gets dismembered
  2. Join the queue idiot. The line starts somewhere about a year or so back.
  3. I won't lie. I laughed pretty hard at this. But then I was like....

    The poor kids. They dont need to see this filth.
  4. they need to?
  5. Well ima jump to the front of the q besty
  6. You should probably try not hiding in pin for a start.
  7. Lol nice try skinnky only time im in pin is after i unload on u n your clanmates.typical bh strategies all talk very little actions same old every osw @ bh you guys r a joke
  8. I wonder if you realize how you sound? Do you go to your CC after posting and proclaim how incredible you are for your "psychological warfare"?

    I bet you do.

    I like you man. You try so hard. Keep up the good work in tarnishing our shining reputation.

    Hayden will never come back now.

  9. Willy sorry would hate for all of kaw to know your a joke but are a joke your own members are telling me in pm that xtreame dont have to fight back..which sums it up in a nut shell
  10. xtreme*

    If you're going to attempt to insult me, at least spell my name correctly. Otherwise it somewhat takes away from the content of your post.
  11. Post the screen shots.

    That would be devastating to our morale.
  12. I was talking to volac you Noob. You don't even rate enough for any kind of dialogue.
    Seriously. Don't flatter yourself whoever you are.
  13. *heart* DR WHO!!!!
  14. Apply ee tactics to osw and its way more fun than simply tapping a button, which *is* no different than an eb.

    The first day I joined black hand I ran up and down Last Rights roster scouting all accounts to see who wasn't pinned.

    True story! :lol:
  15. Wow wasted. Do you tell that story at parties or just save it for us?
  17. Hey troll,

    If I wanted a comeback from you i'de ask for your input.

  18. Ok to quote u on that? 
  19. Wow 30 pages... you guys sure know how to talk about something. 
  20. @selfie
    You can't even Handel me skinny why you looking for others? Miss dtw all the time.  You fail 75% of your Assass and stls now that I decided to buy sdp.
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Not open for further replies.