Black Hand vs. Clan A Family

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  1. Funny thing is.. All these clan on bh.. An yet none of black hand is pinned I jus went down there roster
  2. Correction only a few
  3. Truth, couldn't have said it better myself sky.
  4. Not to mention threats from AWP and IA members that BH was going to "destroy your alliance". As to us not contacting BH, also untrue I myself pmed Xtreme about my concerns that AWP was trying to drag them in, and was ignored. Members of BH were showing support for AWP and trashing us from the first thread Jordan posted.

    The fact is BH opened fire first, hence we are at war, not the other way around.
  5. Black hand sucks .... That all :)
  6. That's funny because I'm pretty sure you still failing hits on your main  In due time you will have the same fortune as you did with kotfe 
  7. Bh sucks, this is all wolf tickets.
  8. Lol been on the drink all weekend n just woke up full ((obviously since bh aka alts) with rage on ma wall lol.. ......guess what mate I do full unloads all successful cause of ma massive spy stats so u wont see me in cc ya nugget
  9. I thought BH was dead?
  10. Parsfan takes it like a good little girl. I farm her all the time and she NEVER returns fire. Just lays there and bites the pillow. Then TALKS about how bad ass she is. It's hilarious
  11. Lol new age membs talking about giving inc .....yafi farmsyour whole clan n yous dont newsfeed is empty dont lie about giving inc just keep hitting hte noob
  12. Parsfan a she? I thought she's Princess Valentina the Princess warrior from Malibu 
  13. Yafi farms my whole clan ??? LoL
    Where have u been ?
    This guys was the first to call OSW vs us and said that NA would be destroyed soon ..... - llilFlliRiliElllEiilZillEiiil - .... Ran more fast then KJB n _balle_ togeter ! LoL
    Did Malakwarrior ran too ?
  14. lol that's how you know theyre dead. :))
  15. LOL black hand still trying to act tough.. even though apoc/wdgaf trashed them into 10 memebers.. but yet they keep coming back with more children to run and play dead. i know how BH works had other accounts in BH. and i know how well they tend to do during osws. not all are this way theyre some pretty good peeps in there. but as far as the others just there to say look im in BH fear me.well BH lost its fear after 2012 yall are 3 years to late. unless you can go back in time.. thats the only BH roster i enjoyed and respected. this roster and the last 3 are just eb fairies and bh tryin to recruit big members to look big and bad.. wanna hear a joke. awp. lol good joke :D . as far someone claimming chubby ran from the ig osw is wrong my main was apart of that osw vrs fury. and i remeber gettin strip inc from chubby for a good 2months.

  16. I feel as shouldn't speak.It's for the greater good.
  17. He is partially right. BH lost a lot of its former glory. Until this osw they just stripped randoms off small amounts, bc it was simply all they could do. Imo BH has no chance against clan A family, they're not the warriors they used to be.
  18. Black hand is gonna lose.
  19. An yet all these clan still don't have bh pinned.. I'm surprised..they out numbered an still can't be pinned
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