Black Hand vs. Clan A Family

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  1. Holy crap is this a yafi osw thread or a clan A vs. bh&oh thread? Off topic much friend?

  2. Aren't you the one who started referring to their osw?

    Answer: yes you are
  3. any bets for when pars gets kicked for not following the rules :lol:
  4. No i didn't mite wanna check a few pages back nooblet.

  5. Says the moron , who had to drag in other clans and not fight his own battle.

    I typically tell our to stay off crap threads like this due to the story twisting and pitty me imma victim stories told, but i have to speak up.

    This war was started between awp and aztec, period.

    Gaw was funding awp and was caught doing, hince the farming their member comment by sharp.

    As members of awp cf'd and joined Oh , Bh , GoP, they started hitting and funding from inside those clans. At which point the only 4 v1 ever in this war was versus aztec.

    Our family then decided to even the odds, plain and simple.

    Now GoP did cf in a little less than 48hrs

    Bad thing is there are some great peeps in both BH & OH, but family must defend their own.


  6. I'm bias towards black hand so I don't think my vote can apply LOL 
  7. lol I woke up to Alison hitting me with all fails. Do better I'm not even potted up 
  8. GaW joined because a member of aztec farmed them, IA and GoP joined because you made threats to one of their generals. You keep making accusations of us asking for help when the truth is aztec caused the others to hit them and that has been admitted by aztec.

    Now if you want to stop making up your stories and accusations for propaganda purposes what about we talk in each other's news and stop spreading BS?
  9. The amount of inaccurate info in this is so sad!
  10. That's right. Clam a family. Stay off this thread! You do as you're told, because someone else tells you how to play your game. What a joke.
  11. Your a joke Alison won't even hit me with your main . And can't even get a scout through on my little spy stats
  12. No. Sadly. You're the joke. You don't even qualify for me to bother hitting with skinny. My reset bomb will hit you from now on, and you can waste what's left over of your troops and hit it. 
  13. The amount of inaccurate info in this is so sad![/quote

    I swear u awp failures troll forum more than yall actually hit.
  14. If you read his banner you'll see he's actually from GaW and I don't see how him disputing the propaganda made up by your alliance makes him a troll.
  15. He's in ur clan which like i stated make all yall failures banners don't change that yall are no threat to anyone at this point.
  16. Support to bh️
  17. Sorry, her main is too busy lovin me
  18. All I can say is bh must be in a bad state if they allow single alt account ozzy in their ranks.
    Btw ozzy what happened to the score you said you had to settle with me 4 months ago. Im 8millcs bigger and you have spent 3 of the last 4 months with no allies. Seems like you can't even handle a eb fairy like me.
  19. As a guideline, I agree. But we also feel the same way. Black Hand/Orange Hand would like to clarify that this is not the same war, unfortunately.

    We disagree. The BH/OH involvement is because of Clan A family smack talk and subsequent attack and war declaration on us...and our response to it.

    We are not allies of AWP or anyone else in the OSW. We are two clans that were attacked by 900 accounts.

    We have not funded the AWP side of this, and had no part of this prior to you all deciding to attack us.

    If this were the case, I would understand your gripe. If they joined any clan and refunded, you will attack those clans too? That's a lot of clans to declare on, Clan A.

    We had no knowledge of their involvement. We did take them in. They were homeless and cold. We offered them a cot and some HTE stew.

    By declaring war on Black Hand family? I think you have lumped us into your OSW and I really don't understand why.

    We were never contacted by anyone in Aztec in regard to this funding from BH/OH you speak of.

    This could have been easily resolved with a PM or a simple wall post. It's not like you all opened with a big strip or anything like that...we are truly perplexed.

    Especially with acknowledgment of your respect of some of our members. We have seen tons of BH/OH disrespect in public.

    You all want to fight, we will defend our own to the end.

    Best of luck to all involved.


    ояѧӥgэ ндлd
  20. I feel the need to correct this. During the last month, BH took part in a strip on Aztec funded by awp, after making an "alliance" with awp. When former awp admins went to BH, they threatened urf members with war against awp if we continued our war against BH. Citing you as allies, these members. Name let nemo and demon, both remained awp members more then a week after the threats, nemo evident on awp/Aztec thread. They were interfering in the BH/oh v URF war on your side, members who were allowed in BH, occasionally as admin, openly stated they were apart of that war. By all logical reasoning. BH and oh interfered in the awp war against Aztec and as such any response by clan a family is justified.
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