BLACK FRIDAY: The Tools of the Trade

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  1. Anyone knows if I buy the clan bonus and then leave the clan, does the bonus still exist at the clan or it will just “disappear”?
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  2. This kind of feels like you’re making an event more complicated than it needs to be.
  3. Hi devs, take a look on the mage ultimate umbral drops please.
  4. Sorry Ata. This makes no sense.

    I’ve been hammering ebs since this started. Can’t even reach tier 2. Much less have any hope of actually getting to a good spot.

    Ditto on the whole clan part. Have y’all even looked at the collection rate between the normal clans (even the strongest), and the nk clans? On the first day nk clans were already nearing a MILLION.

    This is seriously messed up guys. And then when we figured out we could make decent drops with fast haunts, y’all cut us down. What in the world?

    With all due respect, y’all bombed this one. Third day in and I see absolutely no point in bothering.

    I suspect a majority of players will agree. But the mojority aren’t spenders. :-/
  5. This event is horrible! So confusing for me personally and I'm getting nowhere fast. I feel like this is coercion to spend in order to achieve. Sucks the fart. It really does. Well ATA, for killing what should be mindless fun 😒
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  7. Hi there, I have problem to open this event collection items I have already collected 30 000 medallions but for Commander Brannyn Event I have zero to collect 2 their 1 Unbral Attack Training 0/2 and collect 1 Tier Umbral Training Ground 0/1 . Can someone tell me how to complete this event it look to complicate for me . Should be easier for everyone and more instructions any help appreciated!
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  8. WTH? Could you please provide a blender so I can put those instructions in it and hit "purée"? I'm certain they would make more sense then!
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  9. So [ata]lrel, after all the complaints, your 1 respoomce was to tell the community they can get the new update to fix a marketplace issue!?!?!?!?! WTF!!!
    Maybe read the forum posts for 5-10 minutes then respond to the MANY MANY MANY MANY,,, confused players..

    Also I've been a (Hyper)active player for almost 6 years, been aWarchoef at Retribution for more than half that time, helped admin at the Biggest HTE, ZTA, NK, p2p clans, and have tried to help players as much as possible to explain your (events, legend's) over the years.
    BUTT, I have been busy in RL lately, and have only been able to be slightly active lately, and I still haven't received a single drop, or found an adequate source of what to do in this event, cause my tiny human brain don't understand...
    So that's all, you just suck!!!!!
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  10. How do I open the boxes?
  11. Like the episode of Dallas where bobby wakes from and it was all a dream! Let's go back to last week n maybe start event again! Or better still like in red dwarf let's zip a few days into the future and end this even or non event asap please
  12. So I figured it out rat
    Now that it's been a few days I wanted to build on this a bit.

    For players: At this point in the event if you are not well in to 20k event items just take a few days to PvP the battle list cuz you dont have time to build on your current state. I dropped 70xtals to get to tier 4. That's insane and very much not worth it.

    For Dev team: I think that all of your player base is overlooking your intention for this event and please correct me if I'm wrong as i an really trying to be on your side here I've been playing 9 years and for the most part understand how you have driven the game from a company standpoint.

    What I believe you intended- a clan based event. Everyone stays in there home clan and spends drums and seals at home which is why you have a clan LB and drops can be converted to boosts for clan members which makes logical sense as each clan would have 4-5 spenders and 1 possibly 2 whales. This helps each clan specifically help there clan members giving incentive to stay home. What I believe you did wrong, was not lock drops and bonuses to players. If someone leaves a clan all boosts and items that player dropped sh ou uld be removed from clan tally. This would not only encourage spenders to stay home to hope for Clan LB drops but it also keeps the playing field fair as rotation clans would be around 70-80k not in the millions. It would also help in the Clan LB was top 10 or 20 to give a wider rage of clans the opportunity to chase which would actually increase spending in my opinion as the reward becomes achievable. And this should have been a 2 or 3 week event. With the low orignal drops and average player is just sitting this one out over a 7 days stretch. I could be wrong but I thought some constructive criticism might be more useful that just being upset and posting aggression.
  13. You can complete all 3 paths....only if your wallet is open. Thanks for the banner.....that if I want to upgrade.....I have to pay for. Premium EBs have bonus drops....that I have to pay for.
    I fully understand that this is the way that a business works and I also understand that this event is totally geared towards those with deep pockets. Once again the distance between those that have and those that have not, is increased
  14. On the whole I commend the devs for this event it was a bit complex at first and a bit biased on p2p for the equip otherwise hard but fun..
  15. I second what Ajax says. Hope to see this model again (now that I've finally figured out how it works) and I wouldn't mind if we picked up where we left off.