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  1. discounted buildings and unlimited crystsls
  2. A return policy for the day... 100% cash back for dropped allies

    unlimited xtals for the day along with unlimited xtals per eb

    discounted pricing on xtals/nob point, lands and upgrades purchases
  3. Not my idea but 60 seconds of everything free sounds awesome
  4. discount on seals plse 
  6. -Mith Sales
    -Discount on Land Prices
    -Cheaper prices on SoD and Horn so all players have a chance to get 3x gold.

    The whole point of Black Friday is to discount everything so people can buy things cheap to give as presents. It's suppose to benefit everybody, or at least those who wake up very early in the morning and wait for store doors to open.
  7. How about a building price drop to help GH convert there builds?
  8. Give us some free xtals and I'll be happy! :)
  9. A few free xtals and mith sale like before?

  10. Prolly the 50% more gold on haunt and escapes and discounts on seals
  11. how about 50% increase on drops
  12. No DTW/DTS in Chaos and Estoc wars!
  13. Increase drop rates on aqua inferno plus more gold in ebs don't forget not everyone can afford xtals or to even spend money needs to be fair for all
  14. How about being about to purchase mith? This deal of you can only buy up to 6 if you have none is just stupid!
  15. double the gold payout for nobility transfer
  16. Or just make nobs 50% off
  17. Discount on buildings
  18. 100% refund when selling a building--> haunting: the escape 50% extra gold---> remove daily xtal limit
  19. Ulumited mith sale. Reduced hte seal cost n 50% more gold off hte
  20. Lol this is reading like the the best Kaw Xmas wish list ever! 
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.