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    Black Friday deals begin on November 29th at 6 am Pacific time. They will end on Monday, December 2nd at noon Pacific time.

    What do we have in Store for you this year?

    Premium items and promos

    • Aevum Circle Pieces Bundle - 10 Circles for 5 Nobility Points
    • Horn of Calydor - 14 Nobility Points
    • Seal of the Damned - 29 Nobility Points
    • Crux Chests - On sale for 39 Nobility Points
    • Golden Crux Chests - On sale for 59 Nobility Points
    Following EBs will have 50% increased plunder for the duration of the event:
    • The Netherking (will be available from NOW until Monday 12 PM PST)
    • Zelgarad the Accursed
    • Haunting: The Escape
    • Revenge of the Warbeasts
    • All EBs in the new Premium Series
    And, of course, Health Crystal limit will be lifted for the duration of the entire promo!

    New Items

    Pendant of the Nebulium, Crown of the Aetherlux, and Astronomical Horologium - These 3 permanent items can be received from IAPs in the Oracle. They give % bonus to your stats.
    Pendant of the Nebulium pack includes:
    • Pendant of the Nebulium (6% bonus to Defense and Spy Defense)
    • 6 Health Crystals
    • 20 Nobility Points
    Crown of the Aetherlux pack includes:
    • Crown of the Aetherlux (11% bonus to Attack and Spy Attack)
    • 14 Health Crystals
    • 40 Nobility Points
    Astronomical Horologium pack includes:
    • Astronomical Horologium (12% bonus to all stats)
    • 45 Health Crystals
    • 120 Nobility Points
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Make sure to read the details about the entire event in its own thread! And, most importantly, HAVE FUN!




    For one day only, until Tuesday, December 3rd, Pacific Time at noon, a special Cyber Monday promo has been added to the promo mix!

    This wild deal may only appear to players who have purchased promos before and is limited to one purchase, per player.

    Get it now before it's gone forever!
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  2. Only 50% promo😂
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  3. No promo on xtals :/
  4. Let's get the lag fixed so I can find these DEALS DEALS DEALS!! 😂😂 Plz and thank you! It looks cool but cant get in to market!
  5. Dear team, how does 50% promo a good black friday deal? Every month you give same 50% deal . Should be atleast 75% . Disappointing
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  6. Expected nothing, still disappointed.
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  7. A
    at least the gif on the bottom is honest and kinda funny. This is how we imagine the devs 🤓
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  8. Pendant of the Nebulium pack includes:
    • Pendant of the Nebulium (6% bonus to Defense and Spy Defense)
    • 6 Health Crystals
    • 20 Nobility Points

    I don’t see this in my Oracle. I’m on the latest iOS update.
  9. Will unused drum eb items be compensated at event end? Or just removed?
  10. Promo and event are a joke. Come on devs can you get any more creative ?!
  11. Yes, any leftover drums after the event ends will be removed and refunded from your inventory.
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  12. I love the picture of the guy laughing with money flying around. Is that the developers laughing while taking our money?
  13. When will xtal limit be lifted. And when do new EB’s end? Like the scrag one.
  14. The new series and unlimited crystals are available until Friday at noon Pacific time.
  15. Bring back Crux and seal sales then if promo is going to continue that long
  16. Will the permanent % crown and pendant have stats soon?? After purchasing the packs... Both permanent items are statless in my inventory currently... What a waste :(