biggest sports upset of all time?

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  1. God I hope your trolling *face palm*
  2. Uruguay won the 1950 wc. The US never has
  3. No, not close to being true. Holly is trained in multiple disciplines. It was unexpected. However she's the better all around fighter.

    Ronda is still a great fighter, can't take that away from her but she needs to get serious with her striking and defense.
  4. Bradbury.... Enough said
  5. It was a catch :'(
  6. Northern Ireland 1 - Spain 0 at the 1982 World Cup. It was held in Spain that year and Northern Ireland won with 10 men after Mal Donachy got sent off.
  7. Apocalypse (KOTFE) VS ZAFT. :lol:
  8. Appalachian State over #5 Michigan in terms of college sports
  9. I lost a dart tournament :( I was upset
  10. Daniel LaRusso taking down all of Cobra Kai to become the Hill Valley karate champion
  11. Was Cool Runnings based on a true story?

  12. They lost remember sled fell apart and they had to walk it over the finish line...they didnt win
  13. Gplay vs EnvyUs. Best of 1 on Dust2.
  14. OK.. This may not be exactly what Wolverine had in mind..

    But if we are to look at "The moment in sports history that got people most upset about...which resulted in a monumental upset"....

    Ladies and Gentlemen.. I give you..

    The Steve Bartman incident..

    (Or if you are a Star Wars fan, call it Episode 7: Revenge of Billy Goat)..

    You see.. Back in 1945.. The Cubs were in World Series.. They haven't won it since 1908..

    And a local nearby Tavern owner Billy Sianis (His establishment was called "Billy Goat Tavern"..).. Who was an avid Cubbie.. Thought to cheer his team by bringing his pet and mascot goat (The goat's name was Murphy..but let's not get off topic here)..

    ...but the Poo Poo owners of the Cubs won't let the goat into the Wrigley field!!!!!! (In their defence, they prob didn't want the goat eating all the outfield grass)

    Outraged.. Billy put a curse on the Cubs.. "You'll never win another".. *gasp*

    You will NEVER win another!?...

    That is quite a curse!!!...

    Fast forward to 2003..

    8th inning of the NLCS.. Game 6.. Cubs win, they're onto World Series .. And they're up 3-0 with one out..

    (Note: My upset rage starts now.. So read this fast with an angry tone.. M'kay)

    Steve Bartman got swanky first row tickets on the outfield wall.. (Omg I'm already upset.. There should be a manual given to any player who buys tickets in places where they can get anywhere near a live ball... Throw in a test too.. To make sure they passed before letting them sit)..

    He puts on earphones! (I really doubt he was listening to the game.. Cos if he was, there were Cubs announcers that were warning to get the hell out of the way on the radio..).. He probably was listening to "This is the night" by Clay Aiken or "Get Low" by Lil John..

    So.. Louis Castillo (That's the Marlin player.. You know.. YOUR ENEMY).. hits a lazy foul ball.

    ... And on that one magical night, the baseball gods drifted that ball to that fine line between science vs myth.. Stats vs curses.. $15 beer vs $10 hotdogs.. and ultimately..

    The collective wisdom of the best and most endearing and most knowledgable fans in all of baseball, the Cubbies, vs Steve Bartman..


    did he know who hit?.. Did he know what foul ball means?.. Did he know they're 4 outs away from the World Series with that out?.. Did he know which teams are playing?.. Did he know he was at a baseball game?..

    Now here comes the upset part.. Moises Alu was upset.. The fans were upset (wriggle field didn't have "replay" board back then.. But the millions of tortured Cubs fans watching it over and over again on TV were upset.. Some got so upset that they started calling their friends and relatives at the game to look for that idiot)

    The Cubs were upset.. The city of Chicago was upset.. Northern Illinois was upset..

    ....and the Cubs surrendered 8! Runs in the that inning after.. Lost the game.. Lost the series..

    Why is this the biggest upset of all time?..

    Let me explain.. Pretty much all the upsets in Sports were actually caused/effected by the actual players of the game.. This..

    This was caused by the fan of their very own team!!!!....

    And it violated the basic knowledge of baseball so much that people like me.. And average game watcher on TV.. Got upset!..

    You see.. That could have been any of us.. What would you have done..

    ..and that's what makes this the greatest upset of all..

    *Someone in the peanut gallery is already saying "What about the Stanford Band?"..

    I know.. I know..
  15. Bradford city beating Chelsea 4-2 after being 2-0 down in the FA cup Bradford were league 1 Chelsea were top of the premier league
  16. I have to say the FA cup is one of the most amazing competitions in sports..

    Let me put it this way for the North American fellows..

    Imagine you're at a neighborhood basketball court and form some neighbourhood D league team.. You enter an elimination competition and plays Lebron and the Cavs (Or Curry and the Warriors).. And wins!!!

    That's the FA cup.. I still dream of atleast partaking in it.. Lol
  17. Steven Bradbury - ice skating gold. Everyone except him fell down and was coming last. Now in sports know as doing a Bradbury.
  18. Basically!! Salford city in league 7 knocked out Notts county of league 4
  19. Japan vs South Africa in rwc 2015 is the biggest upset of all time. Tier 2 minnow who never won a WC match beat two time WC champion team.
  20. Miracles at the Meadowlands where Vick led the comeback