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Discussion in 'Wars' started by Rab, Jun 29, 2020.

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  1. It’s sad to keep this guy in wars because people spend a little over an hour of their day for a war or multiple hours for multiple wars, just to end up with this guy on their team. He enjoys upsetting people and shows no interest to the people who ask him nicely to stop what he does lmao pls ban this clown.
  2. He's never been a bad guy towards me but d leaks during wars are unbearable...lost loads of wars and am quite fed up of it...gave chances to change and yet it's still d same ....SUPPORT 🔥
  3. BiGdOg trew a war we were winning in the last seconds. We had a sizable lead and would have won. This behavior seems to be known because all knew he threw the war. This behavior seems very blatant.

    I support.

    BiGdOg takes the fun out of warring. No use investing the hour to war if someone has multiple accounts and will throw the wars.
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  4. Support
  5. Can we chamge the name of this thread to "Bigdog's Fanclub' ?
  6. BAN HIM!!!!!
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  7. E
    Notice how the attitude changed?
  9. There are many warriors like bigdog in lower bracket who are alts of warriors who war in tier 1 & 2. They cast multiple accounts and warring in more than one bracket, they remain inactive for 50-55 minutes and in last 5-10 minutes they will do 30-40 actions to avoid sword. Ban bigdog but along with him ban these semi active double casters. War rules needs to changed, casting of more than 1 account for a particular slot should be banned permanently from casting woc.
  10. Ban anyone that breaks tou in wars yes i agree, i always try my best,
  11. Support.

    This guy ruins warring and violates TOU
  12. Bigdog is one of the guy who spoil wars. Dev have to ban his ip . If ip ban no matter how many account he creates
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  13. Its ok now guys, ive sorted out my build so no more leaks,

    Mods/devs please close thread, its all sorted now,
  14. Whatever issue you have it cannot be sorted, it’s lasted 4 years and the whole war system has had more than enough of it
  15. Had enough of me kicking ur ass more like
  16. I call bs this dude don't have no feelings I support this post
  17. support. this clown runs others off from warrin
  18. Devs look at current war. Hes ps n knows ps shouldn't plunder cuz of leakin. He is still throwin wars. Please ban
  19. Support the thread, but you gotta stop letting this guy live rent free inside your head. I can understand how annoying it is but at the end of the day its just a game. Clearly, after reading the guy's comments on this thread, He has absolutely no remorse and hell he gets off by annoying people like you
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  20. I was told to zs someone, i didwhat i was told and ko them, i follow rules
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