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  1. No support

    Any 9 year old that can steal the family savings and go to Vegas and gamble is 100% bad ass to me
  2. Awesome idea!! Only if the devs we're to ever consider ideas by the community :(
  3. Can a mod please get the devs to look at this
  4. I believe we should bet mith or some other type of currency. Someone could have their alt bet a ton of gold and then throw the war and transfer that gold to their main.
  5. Truth
  6. I play Tiny Tower and that offers gambling. You don't see me going out to bet money on horse races and scratch cards.
  7. Was fun to see the thread about "Biggest winner & Biggest loser" for the arrows lol. Support, say original investment then half back on winning? So 1bl invest 1.5bl pay out. Enough to entice players to spend but not enough to bet trillions right out of the gate. Would haft to be capped at a certain amount also,stop people from winning trillions at end of the wars betting.
  8. Super bad ass.
  9. Support

  10. ... I do,Despite being underage, my awesome beard helps. (just scratch cards)
  11. Op said it should capped at 500 tickets. 1bn x 500 = 500bn, there you go problem solved
  12. Sounds pretty good. But what would the reward be if we bid the winning team?
  13. I love this idea, would be awesome to see it implemented