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  1. Didn't know changing names was quitting lol
  2. Lol I think op needs to stick with eb's for now..such a tinny lil build for so much smack talk 

    Support to BH
  3. Lol. OP was in BH for more than 2-weeks if I'm not wrong. At that time Arsh was in charge of BH n Detrimental was Owner.
    Stevo was still around.
  4. These guys are not even on CA there's no real challenge within that clan
  5. Hey Ares! Wait and see
  6. I was in BH for a month. Was also BH co-owner in GaW. BH was my "home" now it is where the Want to be farmers live
  7. I woke up after sleeping for 12 hours. Only 300 mil stripped and full troops. Come on BH you can do better
  8. Like I said, your NOT on CA..You pay like **** and your really not worth my spies.. BL pays petter than you so I'd rather hit there
  9. Sooner or later you will learn :lol:
  10. Strip what? Lmao show bigger accts would u? Sadora's pots are gone. Too easy. We like challenge c'mon already
  11.  They were right NaughtyErok you pay like crap I wouldn't want to hit you either
  12. Let's get it started in here

  13. If ur not getting ur just probably not worth the waste of time.. I was picky with targets too but I did love a target stayed on them for years hi belle!! Señorita!! I stripped u again the other night lol not bad for a semi inactive huh
  14. Hey sin how are you :p
  15. Ikr Nic? Ppl think they are über important and all but I can't even hit him - dtw for meh.
    #1 in this clan pays 74000 on first steal - what a waste. I hope we get some action on mains but I think I expect too much. After all, ppl are scared and that only proves my point. As well as I love how this pr being constantly bumped LOL
  16. Accidently Bypass and this accnt not on PC mod please fix...