best farms?

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  1. What are the best inactive farms? Especially for low level players like me.
  3. Yourmom123
  4. BigPickleRick
  5. I think tobit still exists. He'll hit back occasionally if you aren't dtw though, it's a bot that's been around since 2009 specifically designed to hit and be hit.

    I haven't been able to hit to test if it still functions in a long time :lol: best of luck.
  6. A moderator promoting the use of bots.

  7. CF granted. Enjoy your KaW.
  8. New phone who dis
  9. Support. But mods will spin it like phone spell checked it.
  10. Don’t wanna be the killjoy here guys, but I’m quite sure it’s an ATA ran bot. No one else would dedicate the CPU power to hosting a bot 24/7/365 that wasn’t growing, solely for new players to hit. Unless they were, you know, shilling to become VK or something. Although, that would be quite counter-intuitive because then they would just get banned anyways.

    Anyways, my point is, Valiant Knights are cucks.


  11. Kasama

    This Caedis dude is pretty brutal tbh fam.
  12. Tobit used to be common knowledge tbh. There were some other ata-ran pvp bots too I believe, varying sizes, but I either never learned their igns or they got discontinued too long ago for anyone to care about by early to mid 2010.
  13. He’s just some forum try hard. Which is weird. It’s forums. Stop trying so hard. I mean anyone who uses the word ‘cuck’ without irony...oof
  14. Cyn calling someone a forum try hard. This ruined my whole lyfe.
  15. I am the best inactive farm tbh.
  16. >Has over 10k posts
    >Calls someone with under 150 posts a “try hard.”

    You’re still trying to troll me, and you’re still failing, because you’re bad at it. I’d think that with all that forum experience, you’d be quite good. Maybe you shouldn’t quit your day job cleaning bathrooms at McDonalds. I don’t think there’s much room for someone of your... “skills” in the gainful employment sector. Anyone who practices that much and still can’t figure it out OBVIOUSLY has a learning disability.

    Ya cuck


  17. Woah so anyone over 10K posts is a try hard?

    Oh no, rip Top ~50 of the Forum Leaderboard