Battle List. LOLWUT?

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  1. Yes I have money out, no that was not the time of when I made this.
  2. My post wall button is broken..... For 5 more hours.... Who says silence is golden? It's a piece of **** lol. Takes the fun out of not failing on steals, then posting "o. o now who did that?" on their wall.... That always brings in the rage :cry: 5 more hour till rage can happen....
  3. I'm sorry, i missed it. Can you go over it again?
  4. Sure!

  5. I do everything u say, but I get stuck at the find kingdom page. Pls teach me what I did wrong.
  6. @Das
    Well. That seems to be a very common issue. When it happens you go to your profile and click reset, then BOOM all fixed ;)
  7. Great a useless guide
  8. Why does no one know the difference between "your" and "you're"? ._.
  9. Awesome thread is awesome
  10. Hestia- did I miss-spell it in the OP? Usually I'm good with that
  11. Yes, yes you did :p
  12. After the BL pic, "you're fault", and somewhere else, "you're option". I think that's it.
  13. Oh I see them now...... I'll fix later. Lol
  14. Nice thread good man but why bother posting during the Epic battle era?
  15. Uh...
    I still dont get it!
  16. Round of appliance.
  17. *applause.