batman vs superman

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  1. As some of u know batman vs superman is coming out this year express your thoughts about it

    Ps ty eden for the pic!
  2. Batman(cartoon version i think) always carried a piece of kryptonit(sp?) on him at all times.

    Guess superman forgot or something.
  3. That it's going to be a terrible comic book movie, which I will hopefully never see.
  4. Batman Ftw.

    He's smarter and as pointed out above me has studied all the other heroes weaknesses. He will have superman bowing in no time

  5. Very true but for movie interests Batman probably won't have some handy Kryptonite
  6. In the comic book Batman had a suit with a piece of kryptonite in it and kicked Superman's ass
  7. Batman... Every time hands down... The best was in Frank Millers Dark Knight Returns series (which is also a two part cartoon released recently, Batman is voiced by Peter Weller soooooo good) where long story short, Batman creates a powder form of kryptonite and makes it potent enough to let Superman know who the boss is... He did have some help from Green arrow, but that was more or less for "old times sake".. (Check it out if you have no idea what I'm talking about)

    Batman is the greatest super hero ever because he's just a rich playboy with money to burn... Batman always wins..

    And he gets all the chicks
  8. Ok.. In that upcoming movie trailer.. Did u see batman's googles in his suit glowing.. Green...?

    I think that's kryptonite..

    Superman is done.. Batman gets wonder woman.. Yummm
  9. And it pisses off Clark EVERY TIME
  10. Reminds me of rappers delight
  11. Batman was just a suit basically ...superman had powers from another world...

    No contest superman with rising gas prices he can fly...duh
  12. Love Batman with all my heart, movies going to be great, can't wait. Man of Steel was great, and it represented Superman quite accurately.

    But yea, Supes will beat Bats. Because alien with godlike powers > rich guy with toys. Obviously. And that won't at all take away from the movie.
  13. Superman FTW i dont see whats special about batman other than his Suit and Money power soo down with him !
  14. superman - fiction, is not even "human".. batman - a man whose suits and "toys" doesn't even fit on the nocturnal animal's description.. what will happen to justice league then? you'll make my nephews quarrel.
  15. Im just not a superman fan.

    Isnt any fun when DC doesn't even make it seem possible to defeat him anymore.

    Ex. He is now impervious to things like mind control.

    Soon kryptonite wont even phase him.

    Oh yeah, DC's law suit about Captain Marvel was a dick move.
  16. Marvel killing off xmen and fantastic four franchise to try and get movie rights back is a good move as well?

    Now if superman had a brain ( sorry Bruce wins easily there even though Clark could speed read every bit of info on the planet. He's still a moron) he would fly into space and use heat vision to kill batman in one second if batman was truly evil.
    And there's the issue. They are both characters. They are both friends.
    And they both would never fight to the death so the answer in any scenario is a draw. Neither will ever do what's required to truly win the fight. Every match up has shown that. And DC had to resort to those match ups because there is no villain that really is capable of taking on superman. Where a flawed billionaire in a suit is easy to write villains for.
    So the question should be. Who would you want to be your hero.
    A flawed man that steps up everytime he is needed no matter the danger.
    Or a god like character who doesn't need to be brave because he's invulnerable and ultimately a moron that destroys half a city in one fight.
  17. Badman & superdlck vs wonderwoman
  18. Lol