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Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Lirik, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. Devs!!! Lets get some new elvish banner levels that require steel, flags, and bloodwood. Sitting on hundreds of each and they still drop from ebs for virtually no reason since the majority of players already have them maxed. You can make them cost a ridiculous amount of mats but it would still be something to work for.
  2. No support
  3. No support
  4. Don’t understand why this wouldn’t receive support. Even if it cost like 1000 steel we have it lol
  5. Jackson has nothing better to do than post no support on every forum post
  6. Or I'm just voicing my opinion like a helpful person unlike you. Someone's salty no one cares about their thread lmao.
  7. Full spicy support
  8. Support
  9. Support, even if the stats were minimal itd be nice to see the banner at level 10 to be on par w/ equipment levels.
  10. I know it wasnt gonna get alot of attention i just see you on EVERY thread posting no support please stay small and irrelevant. Peasant. Being helpful would be to comment why and provide actual feedback instead you’d rather be a useless waste of time so congrats you at-least achieved that in illicting a response.
  11. ur response about him being unhelpful is stupid because you didnt call out the people who merely commented "support" its the same concept just one agrees with you and one doesnt :lol:
  12. I'll support this so long as the upgrade levels are expensive with little return. As you get the banner super easily from ebs it should mean event banners, especially PvP and war banners, are stronger. Making the eb banners upgrade further with small bonuses would be great as it gives those who missed banner events a chance but it'll take effort to make it really good.
  13. You are correct, difference is ive just noticed a trend w him being useless
  14. Agreed not as strong as high tier event or war banners but smaller ugs for people who missed out and for some fresh looks.
  15. Support, ya devs getting too phat off all the NK weekends.
  16. Support. Who wouldn’t support more features in a game?
  17. Or do away with the excess ug material and stop dropping the materials