Ban The Player Above You

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Welcome_to_kaw, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. banned 4 saying all that stuff
  2. Banner for not saying enough
  3. Banned 4 thinking I should write a whole thread
  4. Banned because I am leaving kaw for now. I also ban everybody in this thread
  5. Banned cuz kaw leaves u not the other way around...
  6. Banned because you don't really blaze it, do you fam? Nah thought not smh weak
  7. Banned 4 not making any sense with what u just said...
  8. Banned for leaving after I joined your clan 
  9. Banned 4 not joining me 4 dinner :lol:
  10. Banned for not inviting me! 
  11. Banned 4 not knowing u dont have 2 be invited
  12. I still banning people 420.

    Banned for something but I will figure it out soon
  13. Banned 4 not knowing what 2 ban me 4

    Edit: Banned 4 posting on my wall :lol:
  14. Banned for publicizing a butthurt wall post 
  15. Banned cuz it wasnt u that posted it
  16. Banned for even thinking I'd post a butthut post on your wall 
  17. Banned for using emoji in forums.
  18. Banned for not using emojis in forums
  19. Banned cuz we cant see emoji in forums
  20. Banned for improper use of we... I'm part of we and can see them just fine.