Baltimore is Burning

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  1. Like i said. People know they can scream race and then every little puppy like AJ screams bloody mary n it becomes a circus. Like i also always say. People find it funny when any race makes fun of a white guy. Redneck cracker fat. God forbid a white guy to return the favor
  2. Black comedian says. Look at that ugly ass fat cracka. Crowd laughs. White comedian says look at that....that comedian better run

  3. Depends what the comedian has a rep for.
  4. There are so many fellow idiots on this thread, it's beautiful.
  5. The black community in America seems to be decrying racist cops. Riots break out every time a black man dies in custody.

    Fin has raised a very valid point, however. There is also reverse racism. How can this be fixed?

    Well, the short answer is, racism will never be 100% eradicated, as people are generally tribal in their natures and tend to shun any thing different.

    The longer answer, however, is that black leaders can chose to play the race/victim card, or they can chose to project a BETTER message like Bill Cosby did (before he became all rapey and gross)

    Could you imagine he impact obama could have had if he were to go in a campaign touting the importance of fathers being fathers, and kids doing well in school. A campaign of family values and responsibility would have done so much, and yet he hasn't done it.

    Oprah could do the same. Yet, she's busy pushing frauds onto us like dr phill, dr Oz, and Jenny McCarthy.

    I'm asking for black leaders to step up and stop race baiting.

    What about whites? Well, from what I've seen, (remember, foreign perspective) America has established "quota systems" for college enrollment and business employment, where a certain rainbow of colours must he represented, regardless of skill or IQ.

    Do I agree with this? Not really, as I think it diminishes accomplishment and is somewhat degrading, but, hey, at least it's them trying to make Things right
  6. Moose they aren't talking. The police are recognizing their code of silence. The investigation is impeded do to that.

    The Baltimore symphony orchestra is playing live in the streets of Baltimore right now.

    Instead of focusing on the negatives. We all can use this as a learning experience. With much positivity out there, it's a crime not too.

    Baltimore community leadership is shining. From the politicians, police, to the sports stars. It's a festive atmosphere, despite the events of Monday night.

    No Baltimore isn't burning. This isn't the Baltimore uprising that's being advertised through hashtags.

    I'm a little premature on my assessment, but I'm optimistic. The city is too strong.

    Adding to this a little bit. Maryland and it's residence are fairly well off. It's a rich state. They have the resources officially and privately.
  7. At the end of the day, I see a bunch if minorities that cry "victim" and Always blame "the man" instead of them selves for their craptastic living situations.

    When people of ANY colour start taking personal responsibility for their circumstances and stop blaming others, things will start to turn around.

    I can point to prominent democrat Colin Powell, who was born in a rough part of the city and came from poverty to accomplish amazing things. He got to where he was by taking personal responsibility for his life, and not playing the victim card
  8. We have two arguments, but, the world refuses to see how we can form one argument. Both sides have fault and if we work together to fill the cracks, we can stand together against North Korea.

    The problem with this world is partially what Moose said. But, I feel it to be incomplete. This world allows tradition and parental upbringing to become set in stone when nothing should be.

    Everyone feels right and will never say they are wrong.

    I wasn't taught that. I was taught that there can be a better way. You can be wrong. And if you are, own it.

    Allow the generation that was taught that, to rise from the ashes. The same ones who are cleaning up the ashes right now.
  9. Leftist? There hasn't been a leftist government in America for 50 years. Americans wouldn't recognize leftism if it came up and bit them in the ass.
  10. I'm going to put this simple.

    When regular citizens are doing wrong, we are expected to report that. If my neighbor is doing wrong in expected to confront that.

    When the police to wrong, the protect one another. Almost like gang mentality. If a cop breaks the law it is covered up. Dismissed. Forgotten.

    The police need to do what they expect us to do, and not allow their peers to get away with crimes.
  11. I know a lot of Marylanders play KaW. I've met quite a few. More then I expected. Baltimore people as well.

    If you are living under a rock, but still want to help you can try this. I haven't personally looked into it, but you can decide for yourself.


  12. Colin Powell slams GOP for racism: 'I still see it'

    “I still see it,” he said, during a “This Week” interview about the memorial march in Selma, Ala. “I still see it in the Republican Party and I still see it in other parts of our country. You don’t have to be a Republican to be touched by this dark vein. America is still going through this transformation from where we were just 50 or 60 years ago.”...We’ve come a long way, but there’s a long way to go,” he said, ABC News reported. “And we have to change the hearts and minds of Americans. And I see progress, especially in the younger generation. … But we still now have hurdles that we have to get over.”

    Powell also weighed in on the Justice Department report on Ferguson that cleared officer Darren Wilson of any criminal culpability in the shooting death of Michael Brown, but found systematic discrimination against blacks in the local police department.

    “I was shocked but not that surprised, frankly,” he said, ABC News reported. “I know these things have existed in other parts of our country. This shouldn’t have been that great a surprise to any of us. But it’s not throughout the country.” ... YgxwsIQ.99

    Powell seems to think we still have a race problem. I'd also like to point out that just because Powell and others took "personal responsibility" and achieved success despite systemic racism, that doesn't excuse systemic racism. It's like saying "Well yeah, the deck is deliberately stacked against you, but hey, just work harder and stop blaming the deck." The deck shouldn't be stacked at all, especially not by the State. We can't control what people think. But we can damn sure demand that laws be enforced fairly and equitably. And we can damn sure demand that those who don't do it be held accountable.

    Either that or we need to drop the pretext of "liberty and justice for all".
  13. Dragon: interesting. I didn't think racism was a "republican thing". I don't think racism is a democrat or republican thing.

    To champion one party over the other in this issue is silly
  14. burn amerika burn
  15. Powell was the one pointing it out in the Republican party and in America, not me. I'm pretty sure there are racists in the Democrat party too. No political party or ethnic group has a monopoly on racism.

    But since we're on the subject, Nate Silver did an analysis last year on long-term trends in negative racial attitudes among white Republicans and white Democrats.

    "As of 2012, this index stood at 27 percent for white Republicans and 19 percent for white Democrats. So there’s a partisan gap, although not as large of one as some political commentators might assert. There are white racists in both parties. By most questions, they represent a minority of white voters in both parties. They probably represent a slightly larger minority of white Republicans than white Democrats." ... democrats/

    Granted, it's just one study. We do know the Republican party has a problem attracting minority votes. In 2012 Romney won just 17% of non white voters. And it's not just because Obama was running. In 2004 Bush only won 24% of non white voters. Is it because of perceived racism or policy? You'd have to ask the minorities. One thing I know for sure. Saying it's because Democrats promised them "free stuff" isn't going to help attract more minority voters to the GOP, and the way demographics are going, the GOP is going to need all the minority voters they can get if they want to win the White House in 2016.
  16. The Orioles broadcast is pretty good. Jim Palmer breaking things down for the fans. Plus they are beating Chicago 8-2.

    I like the empty stadium. The players were pretending the fans were there. Nice statement.
  17. Baltimore sounds like cow
  18. Sox v orioles game is pretty funny looking.
  19. Here's some statics for you:

    In March 2015 alone, 111 people died during police encounters in America. One month.

    "In 2012, according to data compiled by the FBI, 410 Americans were “justifiably” killed by police—409 with guns...

    Last year (2012), in total, British police officers actually fired their weapons three times. The number of people fatally shot was zero. In 2012 the figure was just one. Even after adjusting for the smaller size of Britain’s population, British citizens are around 100 times less likely to be shot by a police officer than Americans. Between 2010 and 2014 the police force of one small American city, Albuquerque (population 556,4950) in New Mexico, shot and killed 23 civilians; seven times more than the number of Brits killed by all of England and Wales’s 43 forces during the same period."

    That's staggering. There's more.

    "The explanation for this gap is simple. In Britain, guns are rare. Only specialist firearms officers carry them; and criminals rarely have access to them. The last time a British police officer was killed by a firearm on duty was in 2012, in a brutal case in Manchester. The annual number of murders by shooting is typically less than 50. Police shootings are enormously controversial...

    In America, by contrast, it is hardly surprising that cops resort to their weapons more frequently. In 2013, 30 cops were shot and killed—just a fraction of the 9,000 or so murders using guns that happen each year. Add to that a hyper-militarised police culture and a deep history of racial strife and you have the reason why so many civilians are shot by police officers. Unless America can either reduce its colossal gun ownership rates or fix its deep social problems, shootings of civilians by police—justified or not—seem sure to continue." ... med-police

    We couldn't even get universal background checks passed after Sandy Hook, so reducing the number of guns isn't going to happen anytime soon. Nor do we seem to be willing to even admit we have deep social problems, let alone take steps to fix them. So get used to seeing more Baltimore's, because blaming the problem on black "thugs" isn't going to fix anything.
  20. Good thread OP. I would comment, but my ability to focus isn't that great right now (I had surgery today). I'll look into it later though :)