Back in the Day

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  1. Jesus Christ.

    What happened to forums?

    I'm just reminiscing about to 2014/15 when things were more pleasant around here. I remember when a majority of threads were Off Topic and Fan Fiction was forbidden territory (or dead, let's be honest). I remember when Make a Good Thread Day was lit as H-E-double hockey sticks. I remember when Moose was like the dad of forums and AshesofEden was like the perverted uncle. I remember when people were genuinely scared of Spragga, as if he was a real character and not a figment of all of our imaginations. I remember all the BB code fails and the epic trolls and all the internet fights.

    Oh GOD, all the internet fights.

    Does no one remember all the beef that ensued, and all the threats of farming. What about all the PIMD hate threads and all those "I am leaving KAW" threads and the GIF wars. What happened to the threads that debated if GIF was pronounces with a hard G or a soft G?

    The only thread I see from back in the days is that 'insult the person above you'. It's the only survivor!

    What happened to WillytheDuece or Saltyfeet or Bellemorte? Or the other people who's names I can't really remember, but I'm sure as just as memorable?

    Now all you see are threads about equipment or clan recruitments or allies or other boring crap. I remember constantly opening up forums to see who raged at my replies. Now, there's just a bunch of people here that I don't even know! (I'm sure you're all lovely people, though.)

    I want the person (or people) responsible for cleaning forums just a little too vigorously.

  2. Any ending goth?
  3. Ew, it's alcyone.
  4. Moose was only the dad of forums because he had no life and was on the forums for literally 24 hours a day

  5. I totally forgot I had that name. It was my favorite, lol
  6. Ha! I wasn't a moderator in 2015. This cleaning wasn't my fault :)

    I mean, yes, the forums could use some liveliness. Of course, the only way to do that is to create meaningful content, and kick up dust in game that brings even more in-game players to that content.

    I may have plans of varying types, assuming I ever get to them ;)
  7. I very much miss the old KaW forums and the moderators that were there as well, it's not the same.
  8. Take it from someone who has been in both time periods...

    KaW forums before and current.

    They weren't that different.

    I mean there were more notable and interesting threads with constant discussion.

    But there is also some today.

    Honestly, I think that's what really matters.
  9. So instead of actually making a post that attempts to make forums back into what they used to be, you decide to make one complaining about it. Why not do something about it? This post could have been used to start the trend
  10. @OP ...bro it happens every time I take a break from KAW for couple/few months (always)

    No worries BigDaddy ToddBacon will make Forums sexy again

  11. ...what?

    ...oh that. Yeah blame most the mods & support

  12. You have 3 forums posts and you tryn make a point, gota grind a lil bit more before anyone even listens to you. Trust me I'm still down here w/ the peasants at 300 posts or whatever and I get abused and every possible chance :lol: :(
  13. I agree with this.

    Instead of complain. Actually make a thread that has old KaW vibes.
  14. I don't think post count is relevant? I think it more comes to the quality of content. I don't have 300 posts and I've played off and on for over 6 years. A point is a point, I don't think post count takes away the validity. Just my two cents