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  1. Join Aztec 4 event rotation come get your 5k
  2. Bump cuz .... You that's why!
  3. Stop
  4. Revoultion is coming, A rose left at all the sights of killing.
  5. K den, thanks for bump.
  6. support
  7. Must be the Revenge of a dead ghost
  8. Bump for one of the best clans in kaw  Crazy bunch of sacrificing savages 
  9. Aztec alliance now reopen and growing for those interested in joining aztec family.
  10. Bump. New updatez to thread coming soon
  11. Bunch of Spaztecs as V would say

  12. Who are you?
  13. Very nice Rocket. Glad to call you all family.
  14. Vemana is the Aztec Sacrificial Ritual & for us Aztecs the act of sacrifice - of which human sacrifice is a major part - is a strictly ritualised process which gave the highest possible honour to the gods and is regarded as a necessity to ensure mankind’s continued prosperity.

    Sacricices daily. Feed the Aztec Gods.Be apart of greatness 
  15. Join if you want pure craziness and mayhem...

    Wc roulette, perm farm targets, stips, big ebs, and when we start getting bored from no inc we hit each other. Apply if youre ready or prepare to be sacrificed