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  1. So many butthurt haters who have probably been hurt by us before having to post with statless alts lol. Love it
  2. I love Aztec ️

    And I know you all love me 
  3. You're all imbeciles.
  4. And you allies, and your gold ...aww we love ya!

  5. I'd only be disappointed if you didn't
  6. Bump because nostalgia
  7. Why am i seeing this garbage on kaw forums
  8. Says the guy in the ... I'm guessing retirement clan????
  9. Need to visit this clan again has been to long :)
  10. Bump because forums dead anyway
  11. Glad to see you guys are back as a unit bigmack cactusbread I remember fighting you guys when I first started playing the game Aztec vs Apex of Evil my first osw clan against you guys great group of people there to whoever wants to join them
  12. Still the best thread in kaw. Aztec 💪😎