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  1. Hahaha, ok I’ll type out “bottom” instead going forward. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. Is it really a punishment that teaches them a lesson if you perm ban some but temp ban others?
  3. Is it really a punishment if you only bann someone 3 days, while leaving them all their alts the whole time?
  4. hahahaha pay to play clan admins being accused of things because they are calling which job they are doing. I love how far ppl will stretch. Oh that is people, not a command word for something else.
  5. It's a good start to finally cleaning up cheats. Way overdue. When will ATA require 2FA or verified email addresses to register an account? Players claiming to have 15, 30, 50 kingdoms obviously do not have that many email accounts to verify or legitimately recover the kingdom. ATA never defined what the TOU states as prohibited: "create an excessive amount of accounts beyond that which is realistically playable".
    Also ATA never has implemented a system that allows players to switch kingdoms reasonably on verified accounts. Why cant ATA get a login system like Supercell has for Clash of Clans that allows profile switching for 2-3 alts accounts with real, verified email addresses?
    Other similar mobile games have been doing this for years but Kaw is stuck in 2012
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  6. How would you even have a auto player on the phone? I thought this wasn’t even a thing no more
  7. They didn’t clean up anything. It is most disappointing they only gave a 3 day ban to players whom cheated. Devs will not even discuss if there has been a change in policy giving a stair step ban for said actions. These cheaters have been allowed back in after 3 days of banns, while all the time being given access to their alts. HOW WAS THIS EVEN PUNISHMENT?
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  8. i think it was actually plenty punishing. The temporary ban got people stripped, and it sure as heck discouraged people from botting because if people continue to bot, it likely will be a lot longer of a ban, if not permanent, next time. Discouraging the use of bots is the end goal right? I don’t think you need a perm ban to do that.
  9. But devs must also take into consideration the endless over tappings especially on the last eb series. For example how long will it take a player to tap on lotl,goth,noth,aota to reach the goal of 1q gold? Plus each land unlock cost you more & more Q gold! They can also do something by increasing the gold count on those ebs by giving 200bil gold instead of 50bil gold from a full attk troops bar without the use of cruz & bc bonus. If they dont change something about the gold count on normal ebs “corns’ will grow on the fingertips by the time you tap a normal eb to reach 10Q + gold!! I can tap when i feel like tapping all my life i dont need a bot to tap for me to get all the gold from kaw but ata will devs & co can also do much better too by increasing the gold count a bit more on normal ebs!! I really do hope that they will change something on gold count in the future when they release new landscapes & new eb series to meet the demands of land unlockings & buildings upgrading costs.. & i say yes for banning players who use bots. 👍
  10. & increase the gold count on PREM EBS TOO !
  11. I mean to give 200bil instead of 50bil gold plunder from the first hit of a 100% full troops bar
  12. Thank you Will. This is a great news.
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  13. Womp womp. ATA ain’t gonna do anything. This is just a PR statement. Community tried to explain to devs all of this would happen when they first introduced the moronic charm and furniture trading garbage. You reap what you sow.

    ATA has always been incompetent at identifying actual exploits and clear cheating. Even when given clear evidence. They are more likely to falsely accuse and punish the very active non cheaters than the actual botters and charm farmers. So this whole thread is a big nothing burger.