Autofill feature for ATA desktop login

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  1. For players with alt accounts who use pc or puffin to play, an easy way to do this is using facebook login. It has an autofill feature which makes it fast to switch between accounts.

    However, over the past month or so, FB keeps asking me to change passwords. To be honest, I now only use fb to login to Kaw and some other games.And changing pws just to play kaw is getting annoying.

    Why doesn't ATA introduce an autofill feature on their desktop login page?

    This would allow people who choose not to support fb or no longer wish to support fb a better option.
  2. Since when it is allowed to have multiple account on same device? :)
  3. Is a pc really a device?
  4. This whole forum post is admitting to breaking the ToU.
    I hope u and ur charm farmin alts get banned :D
  5. Haven’t read the ToU lately, but I feel like the devs no longer care about alts, especially since they no longer penalize players for switching between accounts on a single device.
  6. The ToU states that you may not "create an excessive number of accounts beyond that which are realisticly playable." Y'all need to chill out with the accusations in this thread.

    Op, you can try ATA IDs to avoid fb pw changes. It's still email/pw, and still won't autofill, but there aren't mandatory changes. I believe you can even have both fb and ATA ID on a single account, but am not entirely sure--it would save the trouble of delinking if so.
  7. I was just trolling 
  8. Question. What do you consider 5 actions a second. It happens in war sometimes
  9. Used to call it the spacebar, but that doesn't work anymore. Sometimes server lag for notes. You can always write to support if you want them to look into it.
  10. Do you think I would be posting this here if I was breaking the ToU?
  11. Thanks for response. I already have ATA IDs for accounts. The point I'm making is that there's no autofill. Will devs introduce it?
  12. Hire me, I am new to this game
  13. Honestly, I doubt it. Pc hasn't been getting updated in a while, and devs have posted a couple different times that they don't currently have plans to. While that's generally meant about game mechs, I imagine it also covers that type of QoL update.
  14. No you wasn't, you was being serious until you got proven wrong.

    OT: I'd love for this to be added but I doubt it ever will be considering they literally don't update PC at all.
  15. I wish devs would remake a whole new system for kaw on PC (^:
  16. The reason your browser doesn’t ask to auto fill your password isn’t due to ATA, but do to KAW being a flash game within the browser. This is because programs written in flash don’t allow for the browser to recognize their text fields as traditional html inputs. So they would have to implement their own way of remember devices and as previously mentioned, the desktop client has lost support for a while now so I highly doubt something this small and unimportant would be implemented if major features of the game aren’t even being published.