Attack builds are dead

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  1. I agree with semzz here . It's the same as people crying why you hitting my tiny army, i am a hansel you hitting the easyiest side that you will win on.Like they are a victim getting bullyied .When obviously the aim of the game is to take gold so you hit at what ever side the enemy is weakest on. It was your desicion to build a tiny army , likewise it is your opponents decision to build to their playstyle. If they hit you and easyily beat you they will brag about it so you can hit where you will get a victory quickly too. I was a hansel on my first account when i began kaw for over a year. Until i was in a osw the strippers club versus los and blood orchid. LOS-Arty at the time was all over me no lie and i couldnt fight back.She began to aggravate me lots haha she is a very good fighter . D.D Death Dealer said go pure spy in the osw then ,so i did. Biggest mistake i ever made.i was so bored without having any army . After the osw was over i completley changed my build and made my account balanced so i can have more of a chance with either army or spy side.i would never go back to being hansel i think its not as good as people rate it . People just follow the trend instead of doing what suits you better. I admit back in 2012 i followed the trend too but learned from my mistakes.
  2. So rise up! Rise up, children of the Empire! Rise up, Stormcloaks! Embrace the word of mighty Talos, he who is both man and Divine!
  3. What I pointed out is that there are pros and cons to each build, all I hear is you asking to have the pros of another build added to yours, why would anyone be a Hansel than if attack builds get the same bonuses. Again, you want your cake and eat it too. And no I didn't say you were stuck with it. If you like hansels so much change builds.
  4. The game has changed recently nullifying old advantages attack builds had and increased the viability of spy builds over attack builds even more so than before. Clearly you did not read the OP or did not understand it.
  5. Mike and Adonis- I like your idea of a draft system, that would actually help tremendously. Especially if it stared with a WC and tracker signup pool. Maybe different woc spells that can be cast prior to war?
  6. It's also absurd I can unload my spies for a total of 36 actions on a blood rains and not get the BR bonus.
  7. I had earlier Draft wars ideas.

    Here is some older threads to search:


    EE KaWmanders at War

    Just a pair of ideas to look over and use or tweak as needed. They were a work in progress and seeking input. Thx Sully
  8. Okay moron, I guess you didn't understand what I said, if you think hansels are so much better than change build, or don't. Just stop crying about it. ;)

  9. Just a question or 2 if i may...

    Do you IWar with that stellar EB only build?
    Farmed at will in PvP events?
  10. I'll answer my own 2 Q's

    Smezz gets carried in IWar if he enters.

    Ridden like a rented mule in PvP.
  11. No idea why you noobs say hansel is an EB build, you realize that build has been around since 2010 right?

    Secondly attack builds complaining about not making as much as hansels is just a broken record at this point. Has not happened, will not happen, move on.

    Thirdly saying attack builds had a huge advantage in EE is an understatement, as people are still looking for ps1 for their wars just as it was when EE first came out, when beta testing EE anyone saw the amount of plunder hansels made on a KO it was a ridiculous amount as was how much they lost when they were KO'd as well.
  12. I just tore down my adt changing buildings around, there will be adt added, don't cry because you want to war and hit ebs and get carried easily to top rewards,don't think I've ever heard of you in any osw or osw clan. You ee and hit ebs for event rewards so don't talk to me about eb builds pansy.
  13. People have been saying this type of thing for many years now, yet there are still lots and lots of attack builds
  14. Again you demonstrate your lack of reading comprehension and ignorance. Clearly this thread is beyond you.
  15. Great thread nighthawk, exactly what EE needs.
  16. 1. No one said that.

    2. It has increased greatly with the new lands, that's the issue

    3. You missed the point on he EE issue.
  17. Wrong!

    Yea and that was the main complaint every land set "ohh hansels are still making more than us!" Yea no duh the plunder mechanics haven't been touched in forever regarding how spy buildings effect plunder.

    What was the point again? It's too difficult because people don't want your build in their roster? That sounds like a personal issue not a system one.
  18. Your trying to suggest changing the core mechanics of this game because one aspect that affects you is overblown because of new lands and size. And I'm ignorant lol. ;)
  19. Wrong again semzz. Nice try though. Maybe you need glasses?
  20. Boba-fett also has reading comprehension issues. Try again bud. Read the OP. Good luck next time.