Attack builds are dead

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  1. They have no viable place in kaw anymore.

    The most recent developments have rendered attack builds and attack heavy hybrids completely obsolete. Specifically: the weakening of ee wars, the constant events, the reduction in plunder comparable to a hansel.

    EE wars are where a properly towered attack build could shine. When unique and powerful equipment could be won through these wars fielding an attack build was worth it. The plunder reduction for the required towers to be competitive would be compensated by EE levels won. With wars in their current state, build doesn't matter and there is no special equip.

    Constant events. To stay competitive and grow in today's event driven environment you have to constantly hit ebs. This detracts from warring outside of the ee system in osw. Hansels and spy heavy hybrids have no problems, they put troops on the eb and can still hit other players with their spies. They will still easily get a large plunder payout at the end as well as enough items to max out event returns. Not attack builds or attack heavy hybrids. A hansel will make bank with one COE on lowlands. Do that with one SOS on lowlands and an attack build won't even make a million gold in plunder and zero items. They are forced to choose trying to get event items by hitting the eb to stay current in the game or hitting their opponents but falling behind in growth and equipment. That's in no way an issue for hansels.

    Plunder differences. On top of all this, hansels make more plunder than attack builds, and require much less in terms of towers to be an effective build, increasing their plunder further.

    Solutions: it's simple really. Make EE wars worthwhile and unique again, increase the plunder an attack build gets with minimal spy buildings using spies on an eb so it's comparable to a hansels plunder with minimal attack buildings using attacks on an eb, and increasing the base plunder so attack builds are on the level with spy builds.

    I'm just not in the mood to change builds anymore.
  2. I'm not dead but i am very disinterested hitting eb's in events ad nauseum. No imagination nor effort to do that is required. Simply nothing much changes or improves unless EB heaven counts which gets a great big boring fail from this player. EE renewal is all thats left for myself which is hardly enough. The end for me gets closer every day that passes. My spending is down to a trickle and soon its not at all with no reason for it.
  3. Just start osw, attack build
  4. A 5 word reply to an unnecessary quote of ops on page 1 at that. Maybe just maybe OSW is of no interest to Ops? Its a poor post that changes nothing for what his thread is about.
  5. X_X I'm pretty clear on what the problems is. Hansels can osw and still hit ebs and maximize growth and equipment through events. Attack builds have to choose one or the other, resulting in having to eb, or enjoying osw yet falling behind in growth and equipment.

    My 1 SOS should generate the same plunder and event drops from an eb that a hansels one COE does. That is all.
  6. Nighthawk, rejuvenating EE wars is very large part of keeping people interested in kaw. The current system of events isn't enjoyable yet it's made worse if one is an attack build
  7. There is a choice in this game, pick a build, and deal with the pros and cons of that build. If you need me to detail the pros and cons of each build the please kindly request a lock. If that isn't the case and you know them, then just stop asking to have your cake and eat it too.
  8. Check recent indi stats. You'll see that the most successful builds are atk/heavy atk hybrids.

    The meta is always changing, but big atk stats are heavily favored in ee now.
  9. The status quo of the game itself has clearly changed, and now it is greatly at the detriment of the attack build. You did not refute anything I've said nor point out anything relevant to the discussion short of "you pick a build and are stuck with it".
  10. Anyone can cast for indi and war regardless of build, and success is largely determined based on who you war with and who you war against. Not one bit is it based on individual build, but luck of the draw.

    The wars that mattered for attack builds that they actually had a dominant part in were the clan based wars, and the EE season wars.

  11. I'm with u on all of that. I simply find events boring and no skill needed excepting participation on unloads every hour or more. Doesn't take a genius to figure that much out lol. Being my size i have 40k already and playing out the string. Same place same time same channel next event.....ho hum.
  12. Devs did kill of off attack builds with new land plunder a spy a makes.
    I don’t know how they’ll fix system war to revive the tank build, not a fair system war as long as kaw is on pc,puffin,and device
  13. Im still uniterested in lowland. Not only do you not get war equip anymore, u cant use it in clan based ee anyway. I agree indy is a coin flip, no telling whose casting now that everyone wants there alts equipment. EE needed a fix two years ago, it cant wait much longer.
  14. I don't subscribe to luck on rosters.
    I war to war and to win. If beaten fine.
    My issue is wars r not keeping up with the times. I'm not against spy builds at all other than a leaky hansel is not in my mind a war build by any stretch of the imagination other than if top 10 ally LB. It might be great for OSW but EE is EE and anyone can enter and therein lies the misnomer its luck. Luck is too convenient of a choice of words and misses the point that it is INDIVIDUALS who enter with suspect builds and nothing more. 15 individuals comprise a team for EE with many entering with a build designed for war not just winging it with an eb build. There is no obvious and easy solution i know of other than much larger rosters so as to allow more give and take for match ups. Large roster weekend tourneys is a possible idea but any war idea falls on deaf ears most often.
  15. Having a draft (top warrior/random warrior picks their team) prior to each individual war and having the last 2 builds not picked left off the roster... then leaky builds will have to make adjustments if they want to be consistently picked

  16. I always liked a war draft in some form or another. The possibilities can be many as in roster size or duration. SW in another form pretty much but not nearly as long.

    Say on the weekend 1 war on each tier could be a draft war with those not chosen simply play in IWar as it now stands. Rosters r say 20/20 or 25/25 for draft wars.

    The one hitch is who and how a WC is chosen?

    Other details can be worked out eg minimum amounts of PS/Hansels or adv or random etc
  17. How about all those who want to b WC enter their own draft of some kind or make themselves known to Devs/KaW and are randomly selected. I think that sounds pretty cool. It would grow into a competition within a competition w certain WC's gaining awesome reps (many already do) but also proper recognition within KaW
  18. How about all those who want to b WC enter their own draft of some kind or make themselves known to Devs/KaW and are randomly selected. I think that sounds pretty cool. It would grow into a competition within a competition w certain WC's gaining awesome reps (many already do) but also proper recognition within KaW
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