ATA did it again

Discussion in 'Wars' started by xXD3mOnXx, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. New war! Great times, great times..

    Until 30 mins before war start when kaw went down, until 3 mins before war ended.

    Until we realised they hadnt removed dts/dtw from caps so you couldnt hit most people.

    I really dont know how you manage to mess up so incredibly badly every single time, ATA. Kudos.
  2. Well, they're consistent with the incompetence :lol:
  3. Right!? Even dropped build to buy some allies for this and they ruined it.
  4. You can send feedback into our help section or post in the new war thread. I am looking for feedback and noting down ways to improve.
  5. I Lost connection twice but that had zero effect on the war. This system was great. Match up was Great. Participants was not as much as I would have liked yet very fair war. We lost because we put less effort in than the opp team. (I also auto xtalled by error, despite my build defending it cost us plunder.

    But was very good to test our builds.

    I can't complain at all. Good job winston. Allies and Towers now work. What more do people want. We cant win all wars and also you cant blame devs for a crash if thats what happened it would have happened for both sides. I actually thought my phone crashed not kaw but what ever! I enjoyed the war and urge everyone to have a go regardless of allies or towers.

    Free Mith winston, that would be awesome tho and maybe 20 seals.... :)
  6. I did not notice any server downtime during the war.
  7. It was an issue on ATA side not mine, happened to 3/4 of my roster and 3/4 of my roster and 3/4 of my opponent roster, so yes I can blame the devs. Its 100%, completely and utterly their fault.

    As far as im aware, the crash was limited to the bottom tier matchup, so some compensation would be in place for the 41 participants there.
  8. You weren't in it.
  9. That loss was a bIg Oof for me...
  10. War was perfect for me: dtw and dts was on. Also I had no server interruption at all.

    Devs did a great job.
  11. Again, you weren't in it either.
  12. Yes I was, not this account, however my alt was :)
  13. Was your alt on pc? Did only seem to affect phone users. Also dtw and dts isnt supposed to be on..
  14. I was on iPhone 6s when warring my alt, absolutely no trouble whatsoever.

    Also, if you read the description of the new war type in the war schedule area, the hit restrictions are on, meaning that dtw and dts are on.
  15. Purely idiotic to have dtw and dts on,but i suppose you were one of those lucky enough to not get an invalid server response. Great for you, but ATA still messed up.
  16. Why is it idiotic to have dtw/dts on? With charms and equipment now off there’s no chance for tiny people to hit top of enemy roster

    Eg. Cr 19 trying to hit cr2

    In smaller tiers it’s a waste of time, so it’s on so the little accounts can plunder someone too.

    Plus little accounts pay next to nothing for a top to hit them, ako or not.
  17. Strategically, the wisest thing in general is to hit the tops, success or not. Dividing a war into 6 or 7 groups of sizes is completely pointless. Might aswell make separate brackets if you cant do anything to most of opponent cr.
  18. I do agree with your previous statement, having small dumping on tops to make it easier for bigs to eat is part of tactics.

    However what account that’s tiny wants to keep doing that every war, I don’t see that being very enjoyable, maybe devs are trying to even it out for smaller accounts.

    If devs just split it up into more tiers, smalls will still be used as bombs for bigger accounts in that tier to eat
  19. Would not be an issue with smaller tiers, previously in indi it was never the case except for LB. Its just a complete mess to try to strategize when you cant hit half of the roster, and you cant know for sure who can hit whom. Its like you crammed 7 mini wars into one.