Ata data breach

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  1. I'm sure by now most have heard ata server was compromised and leaked 200k accounts info. By law ata must notify the effected users or at least show some ******* decentcy and own up to their own lack of server upkeep. Plz comment below of your thoughts!✌️
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  2. I dont leak, you leak, Navigator.

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  3. Hi there,
    To clarify, there was not a data breach.

    "Our investigation found that in each case the player's email address and password combination was one they had used on another service which had then suffered a data breach, or the password was shared by the player themselves."

    You can read the full details on the forum post here, but the best thing to do is to not reuse passwords across different services.
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  4. How can you possibly know that the data came from another source and not yourself?
    It just sounds like you're trying to point the finger at others and not take some of the blame yourself.
    You'd have much more respect if you restored affected accounts and punished those who are to blame instead of blaming the victims or other companies.
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  5. You should also have the burden of providing proof to reject a person's account restoration.
    Actual evidence that can prove that there is another source to blame for their account being compromised.
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  6. Are the Apes going to restore the affected accounts to their pre-compromised glory? Years and years of effort go into accounts only to be wiped out in an instant. Devastating.

    I just had a conversation over in PIMD in which someone else has been 'hacked' there.
    Would it take a lot to reset accounts back? I remember a couple of years ago there was that mess up with the building plates, in which players could buy as many as they wanted for free. Must have been hundreds of accounts returned to pre-incident builds within a week, so it's surely the same mechanism?
  7. Thats a good point. I remember that the accounts who abused this were restored to a previous date. Wasn't that before trading became part of the game though? Maybe harder to take charms from the accounts they have been traded to?
  8. I believe trading was already around then.