ATA: A History [MGTD]

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  1. Kaw earns far more money than what is spent on it. While kaw still makes a decent profit and has a community it will keep going.
  2. Kaw of course
  3. Which kaw lady? :p there are three to choose from, is the new cover screen better than the original?

    Although I have to say it's nice to see the original sword from the first cover photo back in the most up to date one
  4. The day ATA shuts kaw down is the day I uninstall all of ATA's other games
  5. Prefer the original Kaw screen tbh.

    Probably the nostalgia talking though.
  6. I've never really had the chance to play any other ATA games. Although I did play GaW for a few minutes. I have noticed that almost all of ATA's game have the exact same type of game play and feel. Just different colors, and stories.
  7. The new art, though more detailed, portrays Arkosa as a very manly looking beast.

    Not hot.

    I used to flirt with the loading screen. Now I suck my thumb in detest.
  8. Its confirmed, Willy likes butches. :(
  9. I want the bomb girl to be here.

    Maybe have her riding.......A dragon.

  10. Is that confirmed?? I feel like you've just posted the opposite to his post :p
  11. Bumping this mostly as I miss the Kaw Girls
  12. Arkosa is her name. Fun little fact.
  13. I miss a lot of these games. GaW, FC, SMASH, and lowkey… Meego was super fun.
  14. I forgot about meego!! lmao do good
  15. FC was so much fun