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  1. Devs: POSt yoUR SUgGeSTIoNS tO forUMs becAuSE OUR deV tEAM freQUENtly READ FOrUMS

    Proceed to ignore forums and suggestions
  2. I dont think they read it or care about it lol
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  3. So sad, you've took away the only thing that the game had left, great job guys, wonder...y'all intentionally trying to get people to quit? Took seasonal wars away and now asw, trash! trash! trash! I'm not angry, I'm disappointed Devs. RIP kaw
  4. Asw was the only prestigious event that this game had left whether a participant or a spectator it generated excitement and anticipation and lively discussion. In past couple days you've managed to alienate the eb players with more excessive time consuming add on legends to gain 1 paltry chest. Now the warring community have Been hit with loss of an event they have planned and built and saved for. When a product no longer is fit for purpose its consumers begin to look elsewhere for alternatives.
  5. The ASW is what myself and many other players often spend their whole years preparing for. Legit. And now you’re telling us at the last minute that its all for nothing? I understand, but the late notice is upsetting. Really sad to hear this news
  6. Looks like they’re saying if players didn’t whine soo much about the technical issues, they wouldn’t have decided to cancel. . I’ve been screwed in every asw I cast for and never felt compelled to actually complain.
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  7. Yikes
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  8. ASW was literally the only war I could/would make time for over the last 4 years. I loved the old clan wars, I love the osw madness, and I still enjoy a good pvp. I won’t hang around and watch until the end, and I’ve been vocal about the horrible decisions like this in the past that ignore the WAR aspect in a game with that same word in the title. Most annoying is the fact that it’s clear they don’t even intend to work on it to bring it back, just sad and disappointing all around.

    It’s been fun KaW but this is probably it for me, cheers to anyone who wants to stay but I’ve got way better things to waste time on if there isn’t even the single decent annual tournament anymore.

    Goodnight, and good luck. 🍻✌️
  9. Well damn. I just can't get behind the statement that there are more people who complain then there are who enjoy ASW or that the issues can't be fixed. Wars go on every day and for the most part, there are no issues but yet ASW can't be fixed ?
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  10. Just write that you don't care to fix anything instead of wasting your time on this thread👍
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  11. Kawmunity: we want war revamp

    Devs: best we can do is 2x nob offers
  12. The way this game has been treated the past few years has been pathetic. Such a dedicated player base for what? Devs that focus on anything but kaw, because it brings in the least revenue. Such a disappointment.
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  13. Absolutely unacceptable. Nobody cares about the stories in the legends or any of that garbage. People want to grind for something tangible and have ways to show it like in ASW or seasonal wars.

    KAW….It legitimately makes me sad to say this but it might be time to hang it up
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  14. THIS^^^^
    This is the most dedicated player base I have ever seen in a video game and I have played lots. The amount of problems we endure and lack of improvements and changes we ask for is ridiculous. Yet we STILL show unwavering support and dump money into the game.
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  15. Here’s a thought…

    Fire whoever does the story/lore/art for the legends and furniture (because nobody cares and we’d rather have ASW) and use that money to hire a competent software engineer.
  16. I second this. ASW is something that I would consider “end game”. Most MMO’s have a whole different “end game”. Basically, it’s gameplay you can’t participate in until you’ve basically beaten the game. People play the game and grind through all the bs JUST for end game. When you take away the end game, what is the point of playing? This is super basic gaming 101. I don’t know if the devs ever actually played a game before.
  17. While I don’t agree with some of the vitriol being heaped on Ata, I do agree that ASW should not be removed. I’m not much of a war player, yet I do look forward to ASW each October, hoping I’ll be able to play. This past month I’ve been eagerly watching for good news. I’m sad now.
  18. I'm very disappointed with the current event. Now being forced to read through multiple garage legends per event? Come on whose brilliant idea was this. Obviously someone with the will to kill KAW. The choice to be an EB fairy or PVPer was left to the player base. It takes so much money to level up now and with extra threat of random hitting for daily quests. I'm close to ending playing this game. The lack of chests is infuriating. As it is the throne I have took 4 or 5 years of playing to finally get one. Leveling up all those parts is very difficult. I've been a slow and steady player and bought many crystals to get as big as I am. The lack of chests is so defeating.
  19. Could you guys be transparent with the player base for once? You are Worse than blizzard
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