asw... 880 people total.... weeaakk

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  1. So only 110 people a clan this year at the asw. 880 total people. Last year was something like 130 and i thought THAT was bad. Why the low entries even after the mods saying in wc for hours on end to sign up for asw and leave clan cuz its a cool thing.

    Theres so many unranked players that dont even get the chance while some people just take it for granted. Hopefully i see some higher entries next year. And congratz to our boy doobi for winning (again). Enjoy your stars
  2. We had 111 
  3. Because the schedule sucks

    Also half of the top ten thousand are Alts of the top 1000
  4. Lol this is probably true.
  5. Because they gave what a weeks notice? People have lives that they cant just stop on a dimes notice. If they gave more notice, i guarantee they would have more participants.
  6. Some people don't have time for 3 six hour wars 
  7. Make em 3 hour wars and more people will join?
  8. lol because the total player base is 881 ...the rest are alts 
  9. 4- 3 hour wars spread over a month's weekends

    Or 4 clans vs eachother for 48 hours...
  10. I really enjoyed warring with the olives however I do think that the notice was quite short for the ASW and a lot more people would've joined if they had more notice. I actually think shortening the war from 6 hours would take away from the who ASW feel. A 3 hour war would be too short for something that's meant to have prestige attached to it but it would be a great time for a war tournament if kaw ever looked into hosting some other events similar to ASW.
  11. Or maybe try doing these events in the winter time when everyone usually spends more time inside anyways
  12. Not enough time to plan for it. Sorry I have a life outside of Kaw. (I know it's shocking.) Sad I missed.
  13. Too short notice.

    No time to participate for the full duration (or a wife filing for divorce).

    Summer sun outside.

    I honestly do find that 880 out of 10.000 (or more like out of 3-5.000 due to alts) isn't that bad of a participation.
  14. I say do a 3 day war 2 wars per day total of 6 wars and maybe 4 hours each or more! Whoop!!
  15. I didnt even know about it.
  16. Sad I missed it as well, but I was in Vegas so not entirely too sad
  17. ASW Server downtime Lack of event caused plenty of clans to fail eb's this weekend. I imagined a short elements event at the least maybe that could have been coupled as rewards in ASW even. No thinking apart from in the box. Each focus seems to hurt another part of it.... ZTA of course destroys ppl's need to complete normal eb's also. I hate moaning lol congrats to all the ASW winners. Great job all!
  18. Because of the trash rewards, didn't you see? There's no equipment, so they're like F it.
  19. It is winter in Oz lol