ASW 2021

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  1. ASW 2021


    The time has come for the 2021 All Star War!!!


    • Date: October 19th-21st
    • Time: 10 AM - 1PM each day PST
    • Initial Sign-Up: Starts at 12:00 PM PST on October 18th (players have ~21 hours to sign up)
    • War Length: 3 hours
    • War Type: Kingdom, Allies, and Charms - DTW/DTS ON
    • Crystals usable: 3
    • # of teams: 8
    • Max clan size: 150
    • Total max player size: 1200
    • Minimum Player Rank: 10,000


    • Only 1 account per player
    • Players cannot be inactive for any of the wars
    • Players cannot leak
    • Players cannot mole
    • Players cannot leave their war clan until their clan loses or the tournament is over. We will manually disband the clans. Any EBs that have been started will be forfeited as a result when they are disbanded

    Rewards (for the winners)

    • 1500 Silver Bars
    • 25 Health Crystals
    • 150 Pallumen Tokens
    • Silver Dragon Lord's Throne
    • Golden Dragon Lord's Throne
    • Wardragon Ring
    • Fine Wardragon Ring
    • Expert Wardragon Ring
    • Masterwork Wardragon Ring
    • Legendary Wardragon Ring
    • Talon of the Dragon Lords
    • Aurlaeth Victoris
    • Enchanted Aurlaeth Victoris
    • Achievement: 2021 All-Star Champion
    • 🌟Star Emoji around your name 🌟
    Players who do not win will still receive rewards, but will get fewer rewards.

    ***NOTE*** The rewards will be given out on Tuesday October 26th, which will allow customer support time to remove any players who have broken the rules or abused the system.

    (Anticipated) FAQ

    • Why is the ASW during the week instead of on the weekend? / Why is the war time the same every day?
      • From past experience, wars are fragile and are easily broken. By holding them during the workweek and during the workday, the ASW will have the maximum amount of support possible from all teams working on KAW, instead of a skeleton crew taking time out of their weekend. This will help ensure the ASW will run smoothly as this is an important event for KAW and will allow us to provide the best experience possible.
    • What is counted in charms?
      • Achievements, furniture, equipment, and charms
  2. LET GO!!!!!
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  3. Yay!
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  4. Pal tokens == plates and not shards?
  5. They called build tokens
  6. Can’t wait, unfortunately I have to lol
  7. πŸ€Wishing Good luckπŸ€
  8. If charms count, maybe you could let the PvP % bonus on my war eq count😁
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  9. AtA doesn't want to pay their employees overtime on the weekend to do the ASW then. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
  10. Ty guys 😌
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  11. Only thrones & rings? Will there be new asw banner? @ what time in Europe will asw begin?
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  12. 2 hours before box reset
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  13. No banner πŸ˜”
  14. Wonder how many people will cast.. last KA only 6 vs 6
  15. Nice rewards, just, the 1500 silver bars are not required I guess 🀣
    Good luck everyone!
  16. Yeah, once a year they should pay employees for weekend asw
  17. Has the time for sign up been changed?
  18. What a concept! Have the support team online during the annual big Event?? Could be crazy talk...
  19. Yeah way to force us to have to try to explain KaW to our coworkers now...! πŸ€”πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ