ASW 2020

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  1. For such global event the ideal timing should be 1-2 hours before the current timing
  2. Says the guy that was a ps1 during our asw, had no allies hidden, and was a gold and sko target the entire war for the other team?
  3. We’ve heard your feedback and after much deliberation we’ve decided to do away with the theme-related emoji 🌊and return to tradition: the winners of the 2020 ASW will be receiving the 🌟star emoji 🌟around their names!

  4. Thanks for putting on ASW devs! It was fun and the teams were very balanced, no blow out wins or losses. Player activity (or inactivity) along with decision making seems to have determined winner in the wars.

    Please consider some sort of war season with miniature events (like 2 day, 2 hour wars) every month or so with ASW serving as more of a finale rather then the only event.

    To my fellow KaWers spewing hate about ASW, just don’t. Yes, the clan disband was an error, but they fixed it pretty quickly and even got people back into war clans that joined other clans. I would like to see devs out on more events like this, and the abundant “this was the worst event ever” type of post is not helpful. If devs were to host more events, they could fine tune the process to avoid errors, but in general the teams were fair and it was a fun event.
  5. Well said.
    I also think this years balancing was the best ever. All wars were close and exciting. Well done all!
  7. This^ 👍🏻
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  8. Agree
  9. Thank you devs for putting the event on. The balancing this time was the best I’ve seen it 😁
  10. I have to say it was a fun war event. 3 hrs for this was just right. Maybe next time get the timing right for the masses (weekend) rather than just euro land (week nights) and I stand by earlier comments, it would have been better just as pure KA otherwise thanks ATA not bad.

  11. Glitches and lag aside, the event was really fun, thank you ATA! The matchup felt balanced, and 3 hours feels like a good length for an ASW.

    That being said, please give us more notice in the future if it's going to be on the weekdays! I completely understand why you want it to be during regular business hours, but we need more time to prepare if that's the case.

    I also appreciate how yall responded to the feedback about the waves! Thank you for running ASW!