ASW 2017 Massive Failure before it starts

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  1. First asw in 4yr of kaw I could sign up for but first war was in a crap time for me. Cry cry. Waaa.
  2. These wars would be more competitive if theybl were shorter. 3 hours each would boost activity and sign ups. Also stat gap is too large for the bottom half cr plunder to matter much. Asw, like everyrhing else now, needs tiers. At least two.
  3. KaW isn't dead, yet. The product sucks compared to what it was though. I'd say a majority of kawers agree with this notion. So how healthy is KaW?

    As for ASW. It's just not worth the time or effort. Rewards for the first one were great. Now you get gaudy stars by your name for winning and that's about all...oh achievement badge. Subject to change of course but It is what it is and has been for quite some time. Devs wanna boost ASW interest? Drop some massive equip bonus for winners who participate. Kinda simple.
  4. This is a very valid point and something we're thinking about.
  5. I've got to say it's very annoying not being able to be in the asw when I'm bigger than a fair few of members already in it yet I can't participate due to the overall lb being a bit dodgy
  6. The ranking system does need rework for ASW. I understand I'm not qualified for multiple reasons but as a past war season LB player I feel left out. Oh well maybe next year :/
  7. Please, do change something in the ranking system because at this rate I'll be fighting next ASW with this size...
  8. Please don't change it too much. Us veterans still deserve a chance to participate.
  9. This was very well stated. I can't understand why you would want to limit the amount of participation other than its beyond the availability of the written codes.

    My suggestion would be to create divisions. Smaller players with lower battle stats in one and then another division for the rest. At this point run the ASW like you currently are. Winners of the divisions earn prizes.

    However, why stop there?

    Take the top two teams from each division and combine them for an ultimate final battle where the two teams compete for even better rewards.
  10. Chocolate, 570k battle wins, 57m cs, eligible? Lmao what
  11. A top game developer seriously ripped off many players just the other week. Putting it all in context ATA are very well behaved. But if that happened here it would be the end yes. The ripoffs seem confined to the biggest game developers in the market as they can afford the gamble of player decline
  12. ASW lost what appeal it had three years ago i believe. Still im sure its fun if you make it so...
  13. thats why its the top 10.000 not top 100.000 and why stop there whynot make all of kaw beable to do asw.It just loses the reason for doing it.My only issue with the way things are going most kaw vets had to grind hard to get where they are.Now somebody overnight can be 100 mil cs.just crazy.kaw is killing itself with this
  14. You've got a 5-year badge. Cmon, if you don't have the ranking to be in asw, it's your fault not the system's.

    I appreciate the original point though for newer players.

  15. And another LB for those with the highest amount of battle losses, obviously because of so much OSW, determining true battle hardiness


    -GRIZZY- for VK
  16. No.

    You're forgetting about osfs and oafs that have accumulated thousands (millions in some cases) of losses by doing nothing.

    What does osw hardened mean anyway? How do you measure it? Looking at losses might be a good heuristic, but it won't tell anyone the full story. I've run into quite a few bad asses with <10k losses and quite a few pansies with way more than 10k losses.

    I'd be interested in ideas to assess and measure battle hardiness though.

  17. He dropped build from a 200mcs hansel, but there were other accounts in asw that were much smaller. Athlien and chewy are both smaller than him statwise but also participated in asw
  18. Im much salt. Devs ruined Asw Finals
  19. Y is everyone surprised that devs crapped on yet another event
  20. Were you in ASW?
    How did the devs crap on ASW?
    Been in 4 ASW's and missed a 5th on my own mistake and i find some crying is simply repetitive and a waste of time. Losers should be good sports rather than whine. Not singling anyone out in particular either.