ASW 2017 Massive Failure before it starts

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  1. Well the Devs have out done themselves this time.
    ASW 2017 for 1600 players, 8 clans of 200.

    No massive failure, 8 clans of 98 only.

    That means the take up was less than 50%.

    Another nail in the KAW coffin.
  2. Just means many didnt want to sign up. I dont see how this is a nail in the coffin. No one is forcing these people to participate. I agree kaw has declined from years past but this is entirely unrelated.
  3. You do realize people chose not to participate right?
  4. And they silenced me so can't even check in to cc lol RIP KAW
  5. Let's face it KAW is dead there are a few zombies left wandering around KAW but the best has been and it's slowly dying or shall I say rapidly dying ⚰️RIP
  6. Now if only we could see a gif of George Michael doing his light saber routine...
  7. I was rightfully silenced and now can’t check into cc. For this KaW is dead. Legit. Rip Kaw
  8. This thread is beyond stupid
  9. That moment when you realize clans are paying $6,$10, and $60 to just start ebs . kaw is making more $ now than ever but its still dead
  10. You're a nail in a coffin. The rusty one they put in the ugly guys coffin because they felt bad putting it into the coffin of the old grandmother.
  11. I find it funny how people who are very well active in KAW take time to say that KAW is dead. There is that something that keeps driving them back to KAW. Could it be the raw smell off KAWs death? ☠️☠️☠️

  12. Wow the the tears are getting worse i wish i had a dollar for every kaw is dying thread
  13. I might actually have that bloody yacht.
  14. You mean your second yacht Bruce
  15. Next time just gotta make it top 15k a can sign and u will get full clans
  16. Next time don't run wars when people are actually seeking life outside or with family or at weddings or the cottage ! Seriously a long summer weekend is your best time?
  17. Lol
  18. Actually, serious point:

    It is probably a mistake in the current metagame to give so much weighting to Battle Wins in determining global 10K leaderboard.

    You have growing and active players with fewer than 100K Battle Wins who could be useful, and who would certainly appreciate the opportunity to cast (this was me in 2016).

    Then you have some midgets with massive Battle Wins and undersized builds that can't tank or hit in 10K, simply because they've been playing for so long.

    Given the massive kawinflation from sb, tokens, and bfe that has happened this year, the ranking formula really should be revised.

  19. 100% agree...I've seen people with 100m stats in with 250k wins and 400m stats with 100k wins which one would you rather have on your team? I'll take the 400m that was forced to the sidelines because instead of making the game better and more competetive Bruce was busy finding gifs of rolling eyes to mock criticism